Kurds staged mass protests in Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) cities after killing of two Kurdish kolbers by Iranian soldiers in Bane yesterday.

Kurdish residents of Bane, Merîwan and various Kurdish cities protested the killing of two Kurdish kolbers by Iranian soldiers in Bane.

Soldiers in Iranian army garrison in Bane opened fire and killed Kurdish kolbers Qadir Behrami (41) and Heyder Fereci (21) on Monday. Kurds staged a protest against Iranian military after news of the killings broke out.

Iranian army put barricades on army barracks entrances and around government buildings in Sine state. Hundreds of extra soldiers are deployed in the region against protests.

People’s initiatives in Meriwan, Serdeşt and Pîranşar called residents to join protests. In Merîwan a protest is planned at 18h Tuesday.


Iranian army deployed hundreds of extra soldiers after popular initiatives called for action against the killing of kolbers. ANF sources say there is a military unit in every street of the city. Also, ill-treatment by Iranian soldiers against Kurdish artisans was reported. Additional military units were deployed by Iranian army in Sine, Piransahr, Saqiz and Merivan. Local sources report 5 protestors wounded and 10 detained by Iranian police.

Iran is increasingly targeting Kurdish kolbers in the border region of Rojhelat. Last week another kolber Vahid Dolatkhah Jankanloo (18) was shot by Iranian soldiers in Maku.

Kolbers (Carriers) are the people who are forced to carry goods for living, and carrying goods across the borders by passing mountains from unofficial custom points, in return to very low wages. Thousands of Kurdish villagers which trying to feed their family, because of the economic hardship and lack of jobs and opportunities, having no choices, they became Kolbers and cross the borderto get some money for their family.

Every year dozens of Kolbers wound and kill by Iranian border guards, and sometimes they have to bribe the border guards and Iranian security forces, while they get a very small amount of money by doing Kolberi.


Source: Firat News Agency
Edited by Rojhelat.info