Free Women Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR) Executive Council Member Gulan Fehîm spoke to ANF about the problems women are dealing with in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan.

Fehîm pointed out that the Iranian state is waging an ideological war against women and stressed that Iran deems any probable change in regard to women’s rights an intervention to its official ideology.

Fehîm drew attention to the years long oppressions women are subject to in Iran and said: “This situation is becoming more serious day by day. In this regard, the Iranian regime is waging an ideological war against the whole society and the women. This reality can also be observed in daily life, in public sphere and the right to elect and be elected.

The way for a change is blocked in Iran and the women’s issue cannot be treated independently from this reality. The Iranian regime does not accept any change in regard to women’s rights which it sees as an intervention to its official ideology.”


Fehîm stressed that the Iranian regime is trying hard to keep the women off politics and continued: “The Iranian regime is doing all it can to bar women and other different ethnicities from politics. Because if these elements have a say in politics, this could bring about legal arrangements. For this reason the regime keeps that door tightly closed. When the regime happens to take in one or two persons, it choses only those who will by no means pose a threat to itself.”


Gulan Fehîm stated that alongside and beyond the societal problems across Iran, one other ever deepening problem is the women’s issue, saying the following: “The suicide and murder rate of women is mounting up day by day. Child marriages have risen enormously. Moreover, this inhumane practice has been legalised. Moral issues are heating up because women are denied active participation in the economy. The women’s issue is getting deeper in Iran every passing day.”


Fehîm pointed out that Iran’s anti-women practices are aimed at all women and continued: “These anti-women practices bring about a great pursuit among not only Kurdish women but also all women from Persian, Baluch, Azeri and other ethnicities. Women are looking for a spark of a struggle and they no more accept the current situation. Although they achieve unity in struggle from time to time, this is not enough though. This is at the same time the biggest problem.”


KJAR Executive Council member Gulan Fehîm pointed out that: “We, the KJAR, are not fighting for the women of East Kurdistan alone. Our struggle is for the whole society of Iran. There are many different components in Iran’s society. The identity of women is of first priority to us. We can say that our role model is Rojava. Just like all those women of different backgrounds are struggling there side by side and leading the revolution, we can do the same here as well. We women share common problems, therefore we need to share also a common struggle.”


Source: Firat News Agency ─ ANF