Iranian border guards shot dead a Kurdish juvenile Kolber in Yarim Ghie Alia Village of Maku.

On Monday, August 21, an 17-year-old Kurdish Kolber “Vahid Dolatkhah Jankanloo” was shot dead by Bazargan border guards in Yarimthe Yarim Ghie Alia Village of Maku while carrying several cartons of cigarettes. He was targeted from a very close distance and severely wounded. After wounding this Kolber, the armed forces seized his cargo and escaped from the scene.

“The villagers transferred the injured Kalber to the Fajr hospital in Maku and he lost his life due to the severity of the injuries after a few hours of hospitalisation in the ICU”, an informed source told the KHRN.

The source added that the dead body of this Kolber has not been delivered to the family so far. A court official has also offended this Kolber’s family, who had referred to the court to file a petition, before throwing them out of the court.

Vahid Dolatkhah Jankanloo was born on Feb 26, 2000, in the village of Yarim Ghie Alia of Maku.

It should be noted that last year, July 3, a teenage Kolber called “Borhan Alam Holoo” was killed by Disciplinary Forces in one of the Maku border regions.


Source: Kurdistan Human Rights Network ─ KHRN