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Falg Of PJAK - Saman Nesîm

Saman Nasîm a Kurdish political activist who has received death penalty (suspension) of the Iranian regime. This has created a huge concern among people around the world, and for every day that passes increases unrest.

On February 9, Human Rights Watch, HRW, notice that a political prisoner under sentence of death in the name Saman Nasîm has since 17 years of age has been kidnapped in a prison in Iran, and has been under torture. They also explain that the on going investigation proved was unsuccessful and there by requiring the death penalty should be awaited.

Free Life Party of Kurdistan, PJAK, has carried out a statement on the popular trend in Iran, that the death penalty does not serve the country, but only creates anxiety and fear among the citizens. This bizarre system is also something that reduces the chances of a democratic country and reduces the hope for democracy for the Kurdish question.

PJAK organization communicate has statement after the hunger strike that lasted for the political prisoners in Urmiye prison. The efforts of the political prisoners are one of several proof that Iran captures political prisoners, something that they denied for a long time. The Iranian regime has not yet commented publicly on their inhumane actions they perform, one of the biggest problems include executions by hangings.

PJAK are strongly opposed to the regime’s actions regarding people, and warns that if the hanging continue without any change, PJAK will react strongly to this.