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The fourth conference of Women’s Union of East Kurdistan (YJRK), was started with the slogan of “with the deepening of the ideology of women’s liberation, to build democratic self-management” and was held in the mountains of Kurdistan. Consequently, the System of Free Women Society of East Kurdistan (KJAR) was established.

In this case the Women’s Union of East Kurdistan (YJRK) issued a statement and said: “The same as (YJRK) due to the changes and the current situation in the Middle East and the international community, also the current situation of women society, we decided to renew our system by according to the system of free women society of the East Kurdistan (KJAR). It has been established while the women society has been forgotten. Women are still struggling and give great martyrs to achieve freedom and to obtain their own independent identity.


The statement also noted that the system of free women society of East Kurdistan:

(KJAR) is a system that includes all women in Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) and Iran, truly represent the struggles of Liberation and will follow the co-chaired system. This system will base on the institutional mechanisms in communities for their work.

Finally, we send our greetings and congratulate the System of Democratic and Free Society in East Kurdistan (KODAR) and the fourth PJAK’s Congress which was held recently and we support them. Our free women society of East Kurdistan KJAR as a duty of scouts and responsibility to establish a free and democratic system, we participate and accept KODAR system. We will be responsible and will be free to participate in decision-making as women in this system.


KJAR expressed their aim of establishing a new system in the article of 8 points:

1. KJAR is great organization of Women’s Liberation Movement in Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) and Iran.
2. All organizations in KJAR will work to achieve democratic society, ecology and liberation of women and will advance with the policy of self-defence.
3. KJAR believes in plurality of identities, nations, cultures, beliefs and religions as the richness of the community. It looks at democratic organizations, liberate people, cultures and religions as a source of basic democratic nation and consider all the needs of all parts and people of the community. It will promote the natural self-defence and democratic participation.
4. According to the guidelines Kurds are struggling for free self-management in Kurdistan and democratic system in Iran, also to accept the political status of democratic self-management.
5. KJAR will struggle against racism, genderism in social structures, government, patriotism, nationalism, science, religion, mind-set of patriarchal.
Also it will fight for the transition from the mind-set of reactionary families of the instrument in the hands of capitalist modernity and the rule of patriarchal society and the system of ownership imposes on women. It will advance on the basis of social science and free male and female, free life and democratic families.
6. KJAR will establish their Confederate systems in all areas such as common organizations and committees, House for people meetings , academies, cooperative, foundation, etc. it will basis on Determination , organizations, local management and democratic political activities.
7. In all areas of activities and the democratic system, KJAR will follow the co-chaired system and this system will be the mechanisms and basis of all organizations in the society.
8. KJAR will advocate the values ​​and achievements of women and community by legitimate defence on the basis of intrinsic defence, In this framework, any type of violent behaviour that breaches the boundaries of self-defence is not accepted.


At the end of the statement, the established of KJAR was congratulated to Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of democratic confederalism system, liberal women, especially Kurdish, Iranian and East Kurdistan’s women.