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Union of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK) Executive Council Presidency issued a statement regarding the ongoing process of talks in Imrali prison with the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan and Newroz.

KCK stated: “the strategy that leader Apo is suggesting in the ongoing negotiations is not just about the northern Kurdistan, it is a historic period for all parts of Kurdistan. Our movement is both ready for peace and also for war. In the New Year, our movement by relying on its inherent power will achieve victory.”

KCK in the statement emphasized that we hope for a democratic solution, victory and freedom in the upcoming year. “But the Kurdish movement properly prepares for all possibilities. If we would not achieve a democratic solution we have other plans for achieving freedom and democracy,” KCK stated.

“Our leader will announce a new stage. In this stage establishment of free life and freedom is the aim of Kurdish struggle. This Newroz is an important beginning for the new stage,” KCK added.

Calling all Kurds to widely participate in Newroz celebrations, KCK stated: “the passionate presence in the Newroz celebrations in northern Kurdistan and Turkey showed this fact that Kurdish people will not accept the policy of denial and assimilation anymore.”