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The Kurdistan Free Life Party – PJAK held its first congress in Europe from the 3rd to the 5th June of 2022, with more than 100 active members of the party and guests from other political parties. This congress, which lasted three days, studied and analysed the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iran, especially Rojhelat in Kurdistan and finally, with a majority of votes, 14 PJAK members in Europe, 7 of whom are women, were elected as members of the PJAK Council in Europe to pursue and implement the policies and programs of the Kurdistan Free Life Party – PJAK in the European countries.

The holding of the first PJAK Congress in Europe was accompanied by many and different reactions in the cyberspace of the social networks. in regard this event, considering the popular nature of PJAK, the joint chairman of this party, Comrade Siamand Moeini, Saturday, 11th June 2022 at the invitation of the Rojhelat Clubhouse on the Clubhouse social network with the people present in this room in which more than a thousand people participated, had conversed and answered questions from the audience.

The current text is a general and brief report of this meeting for those who are eager to learn about the contents:

At the beginning of the panel, Mr. Siamand Moeini had provided a general analysis of the latest situation in the region and Iran and stated that the map of the Middle East region was drawn in the World War I based on the interests of the powers of that period. In the current it is changing and this change can create opportunities or threats for the Kurdish nation. Now Kurds at this stage have the opportunity to get out of being a bead, and can become as an effective actor in this field.

In regarding to the Iran’s situation he dimensioned that in the current situation, Iran and its ruling regime are in a great crisis and this untoward situation politically, economically, socially, etc. will not be able to continue forever. However, the interests of the capitalist modernity have not demanded it to support the overthrow of this regime, why, because the presence of this regime in the region will further secure their interests, including the sale of more weapons to countries in the region due to the Iranian threat, that is why in such a dangerous and sensitive situation that can be the creator of opportunity or threat. Therefore the Kurdish nation must have a correct studying and analysis of the situation and organise itself more than ever before.

In this regard, the Kurdistan Free Life Party – PJAK has considered its duties; from all aspects, including civil and environmental institutions inside and organising the Kurds in Europe, enter the field of struggle against the occupying regime of the Islamic Republic with more diligence and in all areas to strengthen its preparations to ensure the interests of the Kurdish people in the east of Kurdistan that the holding of the first PJAK Congress in Europe can be seen from this perspective.

The Comrade Siamand Moeini acknowledged: explaining the reason, nature and function of holding the first PJAK Congress in Europe, that the PJAK’s principled and official policies are determined and approved by the party congress in the free mountains of Kurdistan and the function of the PJAK Congress in Europe is only to study issues related to Europe and the organisation of Kurds in the European countries. In a different meaning, holding a congress in Europe has nothing to do with holding a congress in the mountains and the functions of each of these two congresses are different.

In the regard of the relationship of the PJAK and PKK he stated: PJAK and PKK have a common concept in terms of paradigm and both parties accept Abdullah Ocalan as their leader, but organisationally, all the parties that define themselves within the structure of the Apo system of concept. The leader Apo, defines himself, as a member of a joint body called the KJK and in there, in cooperation with each other, macro-policies related to Kurdistan are reviewed and approved and in the terms of executive, these parties are cooperating with each other, in such a way that the first martyr of PJAK in Rojhelat of Kurdistan was from Rojava also, the first martyr of Rojava is a member of PJAK and a native of Rojhelat, Kurdistan.

In regard to the PJAK’s relations with other Kurdish parties in Kurdistan and the Iranian opposition was analysed, which the comrade Moini announced, In 2016, as the co-chair of PJAK, I myself visited the parties of Rojehlat in Kurdistan and we presented them with a 10-article project. which its content was to create a platform and structure for joint cooperation between the parties of Rojhelat Kurdistan in the political, military, diplomatic and other fields… etc, but unfortunately so far because of their presence in southern Kurdistan and the obstacles that exist there, which it affects their independent decision-making, we have not been able to cooperate our struggle together. However, I believe that a day, when they return to Rojhelat of Kurdistan, we will be able to cooperate together.

He also stated about PJAK’s relations with the Iranian opposition and declared;

We cannot cooperate with the reactionary, chauvinist, centrist, anti-woman, anti-environmental forces and the like Reza Pahlavi, whose father and grandfather were the perpetrators of the massacre of the Kurdish people in Rojhelat of Kurdistan, but currently we have close relations and cooperation with forces from the Baluch nation, Arabs and some Iranian leftists.

In regard to the PJAK’s proposed model for the future of Iran and Rojehlat in Kurdistan, he stated;

PJAK proposes the model of “Democratic Confederalism” for the management of society in the future, but this does not mean that if the majority of people, for example, chose the nation-state model, we oppose it, or if the situation was such that there was a minimum of democratic atmosphere inside, we would not take advantage of it, but our other formula could be government + democracy in those conditions as in Turkey now is the opportunity, which used through this formula and some achievements have been made. Despite the fact that thousands of political, civil and environmental activists are imprisoned in Turkey, this formula can be used to solve some problems.

The Comrade Siamand Moeini also stated in response to the atmosphere created by certain people in the context of the special war of the enemies, claiming that PJAK is committed to maintaining the territorial integrity of Iran. During the congress, one of the Apo leader’s analyses was related to Rojhelat in Kurdistan, which is probably related to 2010, which was read by one of the comrades, in that analysis, the Apo leader had stated that “if the freedom of the people of Rojhelat Kurdistan was achieved within the outline of a unified Iran this can be made”.

Mr .Moeini provided more details on this issue and stated, PJAK will never fight for the preservation of Iran’s territorial integrity or its disintegration, but the PJAK’s aim is to ensure the interests of the people and our people to achieve freedom.

It should be noted that most of the panel’s time was devoted to dialogue with the PJAK co-chairman and each of the audience, had enough time, presented their views and questions to Mr. Moeini, which provided a completely democratic and free atmosphere. Certainly, the contents of this narration certainly do not indicate a complete narration of this meeting and this is an opportunity to be narrated from other angles as well.

19 June 2022