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While announcing its support for the protests of various peoples and factions in Afghanistan against the Taliban retardation, the Iranian Democratic Platform has emphasized the solidarity of the liberation.

The content of the statement of the Democratic Platform of Iran in support of the people of Afghanistan is as follows:

The suffering people of Afghanistan, especially women and youth, have once again been captured by one of the fiercest Islamic fundamentalist groups, which has ruled Afghanistan for the second time. Twenty years ago the Western nation-states, led by the United States, have operated military expedition on Afghanistan under the pretext of bringing democracy and eliminating terrorism, but in fact they occupied Afghanistan. They alleged that the Taliban had been eliminated, but in fact, with the support and creation of governments that not only do not fit into the nature of democracy, but even not doable with the democracy, therefore they themselves have been the main cause of the re-emergence of the Taliban.

While the same countries, by leading the United States, left Afghanistan, and have handed over the leadership of the Afghan government and the military to the Taliban with both hands. It should be mentioned that with the support of the regional governments such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, China and Russia, this criminal and villain group has once again started criminalization into the lives of the people. With the Taliban presence at the Afghan presidency in Kabul, it demonstrates dark days for the people of Afghanistan, especially women and youth.

With the Taliban ruling, millions of the frightened Afghans are in a situation of dread and fear and consider fleeing the country. There is no doubt that under the Taliban authoritarian, the presence of women in the workplace and offices will decrease, and going schools and universities will be more limited for girls, even little girls will be forced to marry the Taliban belligerent. They will limit the media and impose absolute censorship, even currently; pictures of women are being erased from the walls and now an atmosphere full of fear and terror has ruled this country. Sadly, great human catastrophes are on its way.

However, on other hand the resistance continues, there are now movements in Afghanistan are being seen that differentiate Afghanistan today from the Taliban regime in Afghanistan two decades ago. There are nowadays hundreds of thousands of young men and women in Afghan society who want actual democracy, freedom and equality, who do not capitulate under the “Islamic Emirate” of the Taliban and its fiercest Islamic laws. Nowadays the slogan “We do not want an Islamic Emirate” has now begun in large-scale demonstrations by Afghan refugees in Iran, Germany, the United States, Switzerland and other countries. They deeply detest the Islamic government and Islamic laws in their own country and in the countries of the region. The peoples of Afghanistan do not want an Islamic and tribal government; they want freedom, equality, safety, justice and prosperity.

The masses in Afghanistan want to live in a free and democratic society. The hands of any repressive Islamic force that has inflicted thousands of calamities on them in the last few decades should be shortened from their lives and society. The free societies, democratic, socialist forces of libertarian and egalitarian Iranians and non-Iranians have a conscious human, social and political duty to support the demands, requirements and protest rallies of the Afghan Liberation Forces in various countries and have an active attendance of the activities with them.

At the same time, the experience of Afghanistan should naturally be an example for the part of the opposition forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran that have aligned their targets and policies with the goals and policies of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia regarding Iran. The alternative nation-state is also a type of chauvinist, which has prescribed it itself to come to power, and they are under the hallucination that the United States and its allies are attacking Iran, such as Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Fortunately, such these forces do not have much position in the political, social movements and society of Iran.

We believe that once again the nation-state of capitalist modernity has tested of its exam. They demonstrated that their message was to advance the interests of their masters, nothing else. If it would be necessary, they sacrificed the interests of the masses for their own interests. They are never able to democratize society and control the specific issues that exist in these societies, especially in Afghanistan and areas that are similar in obstacles to Afghanistan.

Therefore, a proper, practical and solution political alternative for the people of the region and Afghanistan is to try to organize democratic self-government. That is, the same political pattern that has been going on in West Kurdistan (Syrian Kurdistan) for about ten years.

We as The Democratic Platform of the peoples of Iran, we wholeheartedly support the protests and demands for the rights of women and all liberal people of Afghanistan against the Taliban authoritarian.

We call on the liberal peoples of Iran and the world, the revolutionary and democratic forces, the women’s movement, and the humanitarian movement to actively support the people of Afghanistan, as well as Afghans living in Iran, to seriously confront the savage government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Taliban authoritarian. And we call on women, the oppressed peoples and the youth in Afghanistan and Iran to unite, resist and struggle.

Resistance is the factual meaningful in life.

Long live a free, democratic and socialist society!

The Democratic Platform of Iran

18 August 2021



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