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برادری صدها ساله خلق‌های کورد و آذری در نقده حفظ شود

The Naghadeh’s event, in which a young man was killed in a local conflict, became an excuse for the Iranian regime to opportunistically exploit it politically and the fascist policies. The shop-owners’ strike with the closure of the market is fundamentally a protest against the regime’s racist policies. In the face of such events, it is necessary to preserve the brotherhood and coexistence of Kurds and Azeris of hundreds of years in Naghadeh and to stand against the policies of the regime.

After a young Kurdish was stabbed to death in the local quarrel in the Naghadeh city and the protest gathering of the Kurdish families, the police forces suppressed the peoples in this sensitive time as a good opportunity, which shows the regime’s efforts to split the Kurdish and Azeri nations in this city. These two nations have lived together for hundreds of years, but with emerging the nation-state of the Pahlavi fascist and the divine republic, both regimes have provoked the divisions by creating deep divisions with the aim of exploiting them domineeringly.

Certainly, any dispute and quarrel will be the disadvantages for the Kurdish and Azeri nations, but the advantages for the regime. The regime still continues to intensify the divisive policies of the early 1978 revolution among the nations and has not ceased from these policies. One deceptive aspect of these policies is the control on the both oppressed nations Azeri and Kurdish.

While the freedom is taken away from these nations and crisis and misery are raging, the only way to continue peaceful coexistence is abandon the differences and confront the regime’s critical and divisive policies. From the political point of view and the conspiracies that the regime has planned against the nations, the fascist policies of the regime are in line with the policies of the Turkish government against the nations.

The deep political and diplomatic relationship between Iran and Turkey, despite their long history and previous enmity, there are not any advantages of the nations, unless apart from these purposes. While Iran is on the verge of change in the shadow of the nations’ civil protests, the occurrence of such events and the emergence of differences are not in the advantage of a democratic and brotherhood future. Relying nations on their social and civic will, they can prevent the functioning of these fascist policies and the recurrence of unfortunate events, which is certainly achievable with the unity of the nations.

Certainly, any quarrel is a sign of the existence of deep and hurtful social crises, the only cause of which is the ruling and authoritarian system. While the two Kurdish and Azeri nations are under oppression, and while they are in the process of demanding their rights and freedom, the soreness social events will certainly provide the bases for more repression for the regime.

We as “The Democratic and Freedom Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)”, we have already announced both in practice and in writing our performances and principles to further strengthen the brotherhood and peaceful coexistence in the present and the future of the both Kurdish and Azeri nations. All our efforts are to preserve the historical brotherhood in the purpose to prevent any partition.

Nowadays, we emphasise on resolving disputes and preventing soreness events with the initiative of the Kurdish and Azeri residents of Naghadeh without the fascist intervention of the regime. The willing and aware of the both great nations is sufficient for the continuation of the brotherhood that has been in place for hundreds of years. Achieving a free and democratic future in multinational societies such as Iran and East Kurdistan is potential only through the brotherhood of nations.

All the efforts of the current Iranian regime are to disrupt this brotherhood in any way possible. Therefore, we call on all the conscious and awakening strata of the Kurdish and Azeri nations not to allow the fascist regime to disrupt this strong brotherhood through authoritarian interventions.

The Democratic and Freedom Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR)

09 August 2021



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