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كەجەکە: ڕێککەوتنەکەی شنگال قبووڵناکرێت - Balkesh

The KCK Foreign Relations Committee criticised the KDP for its collaboration with the Turkish fascism and has warned that the Turkish invasion of the Medya Defence Zones, which started on 23rd April 2021, aims to destroy all achievements in South Kurdistan.

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a written statement regarding the Turkish state’s invasion attacks on the southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) and the attitude of the KDP Government. KCK stressed that these attacks aimed to eliminate the achievements of the South Kurdistan, has stated as the following:

“The Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla has been waging a great war against the attacks of the Turkish state since the first day of the invasion, full of sacrifice and courage. This resistance of the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla also aims to defend all the achievements of Kurdistan and Iraq. The Turkish state has used the chemical weapons 13 times in these attacks in front of the whole world. For this reason, many Guerrilla fighters fell as martyrs, the population of dozens of villages was displaced and thousands of hectares of farmlands were burned. In this way, the most fertile and strategic areas of our country, which are actually a heaven on earth, have been destroyed.”

“They are trying to justify the crimes of the Turkish state”

The KCK Committee has called on all the political forces in the Southern Kurdistan, Iraq and all other parts of Kurdistan to stand with the resistance of the people and the Guerrilla and to take a stand against the Turkish invasion policy.

Regarding the legitimising statements of the speakers of the KDP faction in the Iraqi Parliament and the Government of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region, the statement stated: “These speakers try to justify the attacks of the Turkish state by blaming the Kurdish Freedom Movement, instead of fulfilling their historical and moral responsibility, they legitimise the crimes of the Turkish state and try to break the patriotic attitude of the people.”

“KDP enables the expansion of the occupation”

KCK has warned that the attitude of the KDP enables an expansion of the occupation. It has recalled the massive destruction caused by massive cutting down of the trees by the Turkish army in the Southern Kurdistan, states, “Cutting down and plundering the trees is a method of colonialism. However, it should not be forgotten that the Turkish state embarked on this invasion attempt to exploit these lands, not to cut down trees.”

The KCK Committee stated that the use of the chemical weapons means plundering all the wealth of this country above and below ground, evicting the people of the region, changing its demographic structure and carrying out ethnic and religious cleansing. These operations of the Turkish state are comparable to the methods of the ISIS it stated.

The KCK Foreign Relations has called on the people in all the four parts of Kurdistan, especially in the Southern Kurdistan, to take a stand with more courage in the face of these invasion attacks, stressing the need for greater reactions against the attacks of the Turkish state.

“The people of the Southern Kurdistan must mobilise all political, social, diplomatic and military forces in the face of Turkey’s genocidal policies and stand with the guerrilla resistance,” the statement concluded.



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