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The attacks of the Turkish occupier army in the area of Zap, Avashin and Matina in southern Kurdistan have entered their 38th day. Until now, 47 villages have been evacuated due to the Turkish attacks. The groups of the Syrian criminal gangs and Kurdish prostitutes have destroyed the region’s natural forests.

The Turkish occupier army has launched large-scale attacks on Zap, Matina and Avashin since 23rd of May. These attacks, which started with the help of Kurdish prostitutes (Jash/es) and Syrian mercenaries, still continue on the 8th day. The Turkish army has been trying to occupy Zandoreh Hill in Matina for 38th days. Even so, despite repeated use of toxic gases and chemical bombs, it has not been able to take a single step forward in Zandoreh Hill. The Turkish troops, mercenaries and prostitutes have repeatedly called for entry into the war tunnels in Zandoreh Hill, but each time have been met with a retorted response from the Guerrilla forces and they suffered casualties and fled.

The purpose is to evacuate the area from residents.

Land warfare is spreading in the region. Simultaneously, fighter jets bombard the Zandoreh area in Matina, the Small Jilvi in Zap and Marwanos in the Avashin area and the Shocka area. The Turkish occupier army jets bombed the villages and forced the residents to evacuate their areas. The airstrikes have set fire of large areas of the region’s farms and forests. So far, more than 850 hectares of gardens and farms of villagers have been burned.

Destruction of forests

Thousands of members of Syrian criminal gangs based in Turkish military bases in Turkey and Bamarni base, as well as 560 other Syrian criminals who were transferred from Libya to Jolamarg in Northern Kurdistan, along with the Kurdish hirelings (Jash) in Zakho and Barwari areas have destroyed forests and also cut down trees of the area. The criminal and mercenaries (Jashes) cut down hundreds of trees on the orders of the Turkish military and then transported them to Turkey. The PDK and YNK officials have confirmed the destruction of forests and then plundering them by the Turkish army. The Officials have confirmed that the plundering of the region’s natural forests was implemented with the consent of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Masroor Barzani personally.

Evacuation of 47 villages

On the other hand, according to the district officials, 47 villages have evacuated their areas so far.

The Names of the evacuated villages:

Senat, Dashta Tekhit, Behnooneh, Surink, Qasrook, Ava Gozeh, Deira Shash, Mirgeh Shish, Erin, Parakh, Bankhreh, Bajava, Alanesh, Zaviteh, Klok, Qarkrank, Petrom, Kurk, Kenduk, Gurk, Bazengra, Masisa, Dargel Sandava, Jomeh, Behireh, Sheranesh Jur, Shranesh Jer, Pir Bula, Aflehi, Bindru, Banga Jer, Banga Jur, Manin, Birki, Ava Tuka, Shilan, Shlin, Kishan, Heftnin. Greh Bieh, Ruseh, Mirga, Yekmali, Sola Rojhelat, Sola Rojava, Nazdura, Hawak Gul, Khizawa.



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