The Kurdish nation is in an important period that can change the course of history. Kurds have broken their oppressors’ imposed boundaries and are fighting against their occupiers both on the ground, and through the resistance of the mind and spirit. With knowledge of geopolitical events and changes, as well as the rising new horizons and prospects for the East Kurdistan territories, YRK is monitoring all activities in the region and redefining its role carefully in East Kurdistan.

We are aware that the enemies of the Kurdish nation are sparing no effort to prevent the Kurdish people from achieving freedom and establishing a democratic society. It has been the Iranian regime’s fundamental security viewpoint to promote divisive policies in Iran and especially among people of Kurdistan. Through hiring and employing mercenaries, and ultimately creating contra-guerrilla brigades in the region, the Iranian regime has divided the Kurds against one another. Numerously, we have been alerting mercenaries who have deliberately or unknowingly fallen into the Iranian regime’s divisive and anti-people trap, and we have sought for them to return to their people’s side. However, some of these mercenaries disregard our goodwill and still play a leading role at the forefront of the attack on the Kurdish people and guerrillas by disclosing the location of our fighters and leading military operations, ambushes and other forms of hostility against our units.

Hama Ali and his close friend from Goshtkhane village are infamous mercenaries in the region. In addition to serving the regime for years and cooperating with the Intelligence Services of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they were involved in the martyrdom of young guerrillas.

On 9th June 2018, the mercenaries reported our comrades’ positions in the vicinity of the village of Goshtkhane to the Intelligence Services of Army. As a result, he directly contributed to the military operation and ambush against our comrade, Cihan (Jahan) Azad, resulting in his martyrdom. Cihan Azad, as a prominent Apoist figure, was serving his people in East Kurdistan for many years.

On 13th July 2018, our comrades tracked the infamous foresaid mercenary and punished him at his home. Thereby, the central command of East Kurdistan Defender Brigade once again alerted all mercenaries and publicly announced that none of the activities of the mercenaries against our members will be tolerated or forgiven and will face with significant consequences.

While consolidating and protecting their unity, our people in East Kurdistan should also ostracize mercenaries that live among them. As the dynamic force of society, youth have the burden of defending people’s values, especially at this sensitive time period. However, this duty will only be possible by joining the ranks of the guerrillas and through self-organizing.

Central Command of East Kurdistan Defender Units