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As a center of science and intellectuality of Free and Democratic Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR), congratulates Caucher Birkar and wish further achievements for all individuals who accomplish new innovations and gains in the field of science, within the interests of humanity.

Coucher Birkar has been through challenging years in his life as a refugee while living apart from his beloved ones. However, even in the peak point of his success; he has not forgotten about the nation that he belongs to. Taking advantage of his scientific capabilities, he has demonstrated the fact that there are characters among the Kurds as valid and capable as other well known international personalities. Furthermore, he proved that in presence of equal and democratic opportunities and in case of uprighting the grounds for empowerment; Kurdish figures can effectively serve humanity with the support of other global talents.

Due to the oppression and favoritism of the ruling system in Iran and East Kurdistan, the achievements of Kurdish people are denied, ignored and halted and therefore the society is unable to benefit from the suppressed talents.

KODAR hopes that the ceaseless endeavours from the personalities like Caucher  Birkar will add up to enhance intellectual levels. We hope their attribute encourage them to achieve new innovations and provide further services to humanity.

The center of science and intellectuality of KODAR

3rd August 2018.


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