The collision of a tanker carrying crude oil with a passenger carrier bus at the outlet of the city of Sine has left dozens dead. Reports of angered people’s involvement with counterinsurgency forces near the crash site.

According to the Firat News Agency, at 24 o’clock, a tanker carrying crude oil crashed with a bus on the Sine-Tehran route, resulting in explosion and death of all passengers on the bus. According to local witnesses, the cause of the fatal accident was the faulty brake. The published images indicate a widespread fire at the site of the accident and its spread to a radius of more than 500 meters, setting fire to other vehicles in the area.

At the same time the relief and firefighting forces were deployed to the accident site, after an hour and a half they were able to control the flames. According to witnesses, all the bus passengers except the driver and driver assistant have died in the flames. Informal reports of the deaths of more than 27 people have spoken. According to reports, at least five people were injured in the deadly crash and transferred to hospitals.

The publication of the news of the accident and the gathering of people at the scene have resulted in a conflict between the people and the regime’s police forces.

Released images have shown the overthrow of vehicles belonging to law enforcement agencies by furious people. Protesters expressed dissatisfaction with road management and continued transit of tankers carrying crude oil from non-standard roads in Sine province.

Media outlets close to the regime labelled the people’s protest against the regime’s systematic discrimination against the Kurds as “disturbance”.

It is worth noting that this incident was the second fire accident in the province of Sine in the same day. Before the deadly accident of the night, a Tehran-Marivan bus was in flames at Salavat-Abad Sine Street in the morning of Tuesday, July 10tth. The roads of Kurdistan are one of the worst roads in Iran, that takes thousands of victims every year.