Amnesty International called on the Iranian regime in a statement to release all those detained during the protests in Khuzestan as soon as possible and respect the rights of the people of Khuzestan in having access to drinking water.

On 6th of July, the Amnesty International emphasized in their statement: The protests of Khuzestan were peaceful and urged the Islamic Republic of Iran to refrain from persecution and torture of protesters detained.

It is reported that since early July, the people of Khuzestan province took to the streets and organized protests to object the salty and shortage of drinking water. Iranian security guards attacked people’s peaceful gathering with the tear gas in Khorramshahr and arrested a number of protestors.

It is said that so far more than 30 protesters have been arrested by regime forces. Throughout the four decades of regime’s rule, the Islamic Republic labels every peaceful and legitimate protest of the people as “public disturbance”. During the protest rallies, images were posted on social media showing that the fresh water from Khuzestan province is sold by the Islamic Republic to Kuwait and Iraq, while residents of the very province are deprived of drinking water.