Habib and Ali Afshari

Sources close to the family of Ali and Habib Afshari, state that both political prisoners in Urmiye Prison were transferred yesterday to an unknown location. Saman Nasim was another prisoner who was transferred with Ali and Habib Afshari. In the past few hours it has been revealed by the Iranian Intelligence Office that the two brothers have been executed by the regime.

Ministry sources state that the phone calls to family members of prisoners were made; and that the two prisoner’s bodies have been returned to the families. It was also stated the families were strongly advised to hold a quite mourning ceremony without speaking to the public or media.

The place and time of the executions so far have not released yet. However, sources are stating that the executions most likely took place in Qazvin Prison. However, conflicting reports are also indicating that the executions may have taken place in the Urmiye intelligence Office.

The fate of other Kurdish prisoners who were also transferred at the same time from Urmiya prison remains unknown.

Habib Afshari - Ali Afshari

Habib Afshari and Ali Afshari


Source: NewrozTV
Translated by Rojhelat.info