The first congress of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) youth assembly of was held with broad participation of youth from all over Northern Kurdistan, Turkey, and the world in memory of three Kurdish revolutionary women Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Şaylemez whom were assassinated in Paris. In the congress the message of Kurdish national leader Abdullah Öcalan‎ was red and the famous quote of Öcalan‎ that “We started young, young people will win” was widely applauded by the youths of congress. Hundreds of Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) flags were waving in hands of participants of the congress.

Because the hall was full, some of the youths from outside and via live-stream followed the events of congress.

Subsequently a cine-vision of speeches of Kurdish national leader Abdullah Öcalan‎ from past years was played for audience.

Öcalan‎: PKK is the youth’s movement

The Öcalan‎’s message which was warmly welcomed from the youths of congress is as follow:

In the third stage of our great revival according to the ideology of Democratic Modernity, before anything I will salute the 1st exceptional congress of you youths with revolutionary surge.

For a society that wants to develop and preserve its identity, youth’s power is undeniable. As youth assembly, it is obvious that you are facing many daily and historical responsibilities and having many ideological, political, organizational and human duties that must be fulfilled. As our unique struggle of revival of past 35 years, its emerging also passed a very painful process until it reached today. Our insistence on “Free Life” in terms of our permanent existence has a very important determinant role. Two fundamental factors that stabilized us by insistence on free life led us to today are, first youths and second education. Education also always is like preserving our identity for us. PKK was founded as a “Youth and Education” movement and with unrelenting education it becomes a movement of people. Since the Sumerian Monks era until now all systems, organizations and governments prepared their cadres by relying on educational mechanisms. Individuals turned into desirable objects for continuation of governance of class and exploiter society in every institute of government, schools and academies. The nature of this process is in fact the destruction of individuality and creating disciple believers. We should complete our credence revolution by increasing our perception, knowledge and wisdom. If we liberate ourselves from any kinds of ideology and mentality of authoritarianism, nationalism, secularism and religionist, then via great truth it can become a lever to representing comradeship and freedom. A free individual is the seeker of truths who has will, viewpoint, speech and free life. The only way to become a free person is self-education. You cannot protect the society if you cannot self-educate yourself in a highest level.

Doing politics without defending the society is impossible

Defending the society is a vital duty of youths forever. Without defending the society diplomacy would be impossible. Democratic politics joint with right to self-defense is the nature of contemporary diplomacy. Because democracy is a universal language, Roles and functions of democracy is like this: while doing politics, the decision will be made; later the society’s power and organizationalism will be involved in the executional process. If authoritarianism relies on every section of society and individuals, against that the politics also must rely on every section of society and individuals.

If nowadays “networks of authoritarianism” with the official modernity of governments are in a close relationship, against that the politics must also be active in every arena. In the current stage that Kurds are being in their most political era, the Kurdish youths must play their scouting role to substantiate democratic modernity to eliminate national authoritarianism. Therefore before anything they should have strong ideological, political, ethical and organizational positions against capitalist modernity. Obviously these positions guarantee the victory in creating democratic nation. The youths should have dynamic role in politics of transforming free life and Kurdish identity in creation of democratic nation. In other words the best way is the values of democratic modernity according to the nature of our society and influence of our individuals, your democratic nation, ecologic and urban economic way of life, its information, its philosophy, its freedom of art, its equality and democratization should be shared and dedicated to the nation. We have started youthfully and with youthfulness also we will achieve victory. Therefore by relying on this policy, I congratulate your congress and with all my beliefs and faiths I wish you success and victory. Revolutionary salutes are upon you.