EAST KURDISTAN, URMIYE ─ According to local reports, a number of mercenaries and agents of the Iranian regime are wearing uniforms of Kurdish guerrillas, patrolling in different regions and villages of Urmiye they force traders from villages to pay them sums of money. It was said that these people are mercenaries from the Tergewer and Mergewer regions of Urmiye.

As in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, cerdevan¹ are government agents, in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan also local mercenaries, participate in anti-propaganda against the Kurdish guerrillas. These activities of local mercenaries in these recent years have increased.

The Iranian regime every year massacre dozens of border traders under the excuse of “smuggling”. According to the reports of the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan in Iran, at least 37 traders and Kolbers² were killed by Iranian armed forces in 2012 in the border regions.

Iranian troops are patrolling as “death units” in the border areas as well; a number of those killed by the Iranian regime are teenagers.


1. Turkish government agents in North Kurdistan.
2. Kurdish Kolber whom are trading on the border areas to gain their daily expenses.