It is necessary to clarify two stages in order to have a better understanding of our project for struggle:

First, the current stage of our struggle is a process for the liberation of our homeland.

Second, the future stage is about how to manage and administer society.

Defining the area of our struggle in terms of geographic and humanity:

The primary focus of our work and struggle would be the liberation of Rojhelat/Eastern Kurdistan from the domination of the Iranian nation-state.

Our second focus and struggle would be to free all parts of Kurdistan as each part is occupied by a different invading state.

The third focus of our struggle would be unification with our neighboring nations especially those who are occupied by the Iranian nation-state, such as Arab, Baluch, Azari, Turkman, Lor, Gilak, etc., even the Persians.

The fourth goal of our struggle is to reorganize the world based on freedom, equality, and justice. It will be based on the common struggle of all the nations, societies and individuals around the world for freedom, equality, and justice.

Defining the conceptual purpose of our struggle:

1- The first concept of our struggle is national liberation. All parts of Kurdistan are occupied, one of which is under occupation of Iran. Our nation does not own its own sovereignty, our economic and natural resources have been plundered, the work and labor of our nation have been exploited, and the oppressive policies have been applied to our nations in a brutal process. Our rights to study in mother’s language, and to practice our culture has been denied.  Day by day, our nation faces more and more annihilation and elimination policies in terms of mentality, linguistic, cultural, and societal. Psychologically, our nation has faced an unhealthy atmosphere of security as a result of militarization by the regime and the infestation of intelligence service agents in the region.

Undoubtedly we do not see this as mere corruption of government, but in our view, it is a systematic and intentional policy of the regime and the only resolution from this situation is to gain freedom for the Kurdish nation.

As a result, we strive to achieve self-administration of our people in the fields of economy, social, political, cultural and military.

The second goal of our struggle is to establish a free and democratic society. A society where various genders, ages, ideologies, beliefs, cultures, and languages coexist and live together. A society where social services in education, health, and wellbeing, job opportunities, political engagement, etc. is available equally to all members of the community and not only to a person, or a specific group, or a political party. The wellbeing of the society is valued and the community itself owns the welfare.

A community where freedom of speech, equality, and individual freedom is available to everyone and we will strive to provide all the means necessary for achieving a democratic and free society. Certainly, women and youth will be the two main pillars in the body of our intended society.

The third goal of our struggle is to achieve freedom of women. We believe that women’s freedom is the foundation of society’s freedom. A society that assaults women mentally or sexually cannot claim to be a free and democratic society. It is compulsory for a free and democratic society to remove all the obstacles which prevent the participation of women in all the fields of revolution. In addition, we even assert that management roles in society should be assigned to women.

In our view, women and Kurdish women, in particular, possess a lot of potential in the management of revolution as well as society. If these potentials are not obstructed, it will lead to the success of the revolution and the flourishment of society. However, if these potentials are prevented, it will result in the stagnation of the revolution and collapse of society.

The fourth target of our struggle is the preservation of the environment. To us, the environment is not just a physical phenomenon but rather it is the national source for our social, cultural, and economic entities. At the same time, it represents our identity and existence. Therefore, we support all those who try to preserve our environment and we will restlessly strive in our struggle to preserve our national environment from opportunistic policies of capitalism, and depletion of natural resources.

Without a doubt, our country and its environment are part of this planet, which requires protection of its ecosystem and prevention of its destruction. Therefore protecting the environment is one of our main goals in which humans also is an inseparable part of it.


For the first stage, the stage of freedom of our land from occupation we utilize all of our strength to revive the might of our people and society to struggle shoulder to shoulder every group and ethnicities. Meanwhile, we are seeking to form national unity in East Kurdistan, which has been presented in 10 points of our project. In order to read the PJAK’s project please click here.

We are also trying to coordinate our struggle with other parts of Kurdistan to deliver and receive strength and confidence. We are seeking to make a unity with other oppressed nations in Iran to have a united struggle against the oppressor and occupier system of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In the meantime, we are operating to gain the support of freedom-seeking, democratic and socialist forces across the world. For that, we are relying and insisting on our freedom-seeking, and realistic tactics while we are open to any strategical and tactical confederation necessary.

For the second stage, the stage of social management we are insisting on Democratic Nation for East Kurdistan due to its diverse cultures, beliefs, districts, and dialects. In other words, unity with respect for the differences.

Our aim is to implement Democratic Socialism that distributes wealth and a comfortable life across all members of society. It avoids the growing social gap with many poor and few riches, and it creates a productive society as opposed to a consuming society.

Another goal of our struggle is the implementation of Democratic Administrations as a change of direct democracy for society. In other words, society is governing itself through assemblies of villages, districts, regions, and cities.

Democratic Confederation as a bottom-up mechanism of administering the society is another goal of our struggle. In fact, it is a method of achieving the right of self-determination for Kurds and other oppressed nations. We apologize for not elaborating too much on the subject of Democratic Confederation, however, there are many detailed sources of knowledge and material on the topic that comrades can refer to.

Ehwen Chiyako