More than four decades have passed since the Islamic Republic seized power in Iran, during these years nations of Iran have not experienced anything other than inequality, injustice, systematic corruption in politics, economics, and society, the decay of the moral and normative foundation of society, astronomical embezzlement and bribery, and sexual apartheid. In fact, the crises created by the regime both inside and outside of Iran is the main reason such a tyrannical and mafia regime sustained that long. The Islamic Republic of Iran does not have any strategy except killing time and creating crises, resulted in a waste of human and natural resources in Iran.

Taking inhumane and neoliberal policies by the government in economy and society, creating and aggravating crises in the region by its proxies, spending billions of dollars from people’s wealth for its inhumane regional and global goals, suppressing the youth in society is a glimpse of the irresponsible behavior of the Iranian government.

Lately, we are witnessing events that broaden the scope of the daily suffering of Iranians. The intense tension between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States is an example of engineered and systematic creation of crises by the Iranian government. The political and military threat between the tyrannical regime of Iran and the United States is not only against the liberationist demands of the people of region and Iran but also it provides a base for the passive response from the regime to those demands.

In the meantime, the mismanagement and lack of transparency from the leaders of Iran are taking new victims with each day. The latest case was the missile attack against the Ukrainian airliner, killing many innocent civilians, which outlined the manifestation of corruption, and evasion of accountability in all areas, especially in the political and military spheres of the regime. The dishonesty and lack of transparency in regards to the airliner disaster have saddened the hearts of all Iranian people and has left global opinion in doubt, especially when the catastrophe was the product of the regime itself.

The cycle between the crisis and the perpetuity of the regime will be interrupted only when all the peoples of Iran get united and aligned together to force the current autocratic and totalitarian regime to change or surrender.

Thus most of the Iranians have long reached this bitter conclusion that they are nothing more than a pawn in the game of power to the authoritarian regime of tyranny. The relative awareness and self-consciousness of the Iranian people have led to the rise of many protests and strikes across Iran in recent years and months in the hope of bringing a radical democratic change. It is vital to realize that the only way to liberate, emancipate and democratize all of Iran is through the extensive organizing ability of the people, gaining self-consciousness, unity, struggle, and purposeful accountability against the existing autocratic regime.

Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) expresses its deepest regrets over the airliner disaster and delivers its condolences to the Iranian people and all the relatives of this bitter and devastating incident.

The Kurdistan Free Life Party Assembly (PJAK)