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Iranian regime has boosted attempts on preventing improvements to mother tongue learning and tried to assimilate language of other nations in Iran by increasing teaching Persian language in pre-school level.

Deputy director of elementary education in Ministry of Education mentioned that one hundred hours teaching in Persian language for non-Persians students will be taken into account.

Deputy director of elementary education of Iran in answer to the Mehr Journalist question about the total number of these students only said that one third of students are in rural areas while earlier the ministry of education chief executive ‘Hemid Reza Haci Babaei’ has announced that non-Persians students make up to 70 percent of students; he also told these students after entering the first grade and one year studying in Persian still their mother tongue do not change to Persian. He has not hidden the fact that Iranian regime tries to assimilate other nations language since childhood.

Due to the Article 15: “Official language in Iran is Persian and the use of regional languages in the press and mass media, as well as teaching of their literature in schools, is allowed in addition to Persian.” But massive wave of arrests of journalists who publish magazines and newspapers in other languages rather Persian shows a policy against Constitutional Law of Iran.

With the approaching presidential elections in Iran and expansion of international sanctions against Iran on one hand and rising all nations need and public demand for democracy on the other hand, the regime sought to suppress dissenting voices and also assimilate other cultures and languages other than Persians.