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On March 12th, 2004 Syrian armed forces widely attacked tens of Kurdish citizens in Qamishlo and had martyrized them. The history of our nation in western Kurdistan is full of resistance movement against the massacre policy of Syrian Ba’ath regime. This resistance has roots in Kurdish people’s beliefs and culture in this part of Kurdistan. And this culture has encouraged them to participate in other parts of Kurdistan freedom struggle.

The culture of struggle against massacre, today in western Kurdistan causes a creation of free and democratic status. Chauvinism mentality of occupiers do not tolerate the Kurdish struggle and beliefs for freedom, therefore, all sides such as Syrian Ba’ath regime and some groups under the name of Syrian Opposition and also other occupier regimes in Kurdistan constantly target our nation and their democratic status in western Kurdistan. Kurds struggle in western Kurdistan represent all Kurds struggle for freedom and democracy, and play significant role in fate of Kurdish nation and future of Kurds in Middle East in 21st century.

By respecting memory of Qamishlo March 12 martyrs, we acknowledge our nation struggle in western Kurdistan against occupiers. Therefore, we as the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) express our full support to struggle and resistance of our nation in western Kurdistan, and also to their democratic status that managed by the Higher Council and protected by the People Protection Units (YPG).


The Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan – PJAK

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