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PJAK held its first congress in European Countries from the 3rd June to the 5th June 2022.

The Organisation of Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) in Europe held its First Congress in Sweden from the 3rd June to the 5th June of 2022.

PJAK has published the results of the party’s first European Congress in a resolution.

The text of the ultimate resolution of the first PJAK Congress is as follows:

The Results of the first European Congress of the Kurdistan Free Life Party-PJAK 2022:

The Middle East is going through a critical and complex period. The change in the status quo system is on the agenda of influential forces and actors in the political and social fields of the region. After the rise of ISIS and the subsequent defeat of this group, the political balance changed. The Iranian regime has used the rise of ISIS as an opportunity for widespread military and political intervention in neighbouring countries. The growth of the Iranian hegemony has reached a dangerous level for the interests of the world dominating powers in the region.

The weakness and disorganising of the officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran in solving the social and economic problems of Iran and the policy of repression and starvation of the people, led to the uprising of the people and the radicalisation of the demands of Rojehllat in Kurdistan and Iran. The Poverty, unemployment, lack of political and social freedoms, deepening economic crisis, inefficient diplomacy, the systematic repression of women, political and administrative corruption, the repression of believers in the religious spectrum, and the continuation of the policy of arresting, torturing, and killing has led to widespread protests by the Iranian people.

In such an atmosphere the main factors involved in the developments in the region prepare themselves for a new stage and the peoples living in the geography of Iran are looking for a free and worthy legitimate life. The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) in Europe prepares itself for a new phase by understanding the current critical moment. In this regard, it held its first congress in Europe from the 3rd to the 5th June in Sweden. During the congress intensively discussed regarding the state of the world and the regional politics, especially issues that directly or indirectly relate to Kurdistan in general and East Kurdistan in particular. In the Congress, the strengthening of the struggles in East Kurdistan and Kurdistan in general and the advancement of the joint struggle with the revolutionary, democratic and national liberation movement of the people, women, labourers and toilers in Iran were analysed.

In the Congress, the necessity of the strengthening the organisation has been considered the current situation in Kurdistan and the region and the necessity of struggle in all areas of struggle, as well as responding to this situation. The current solution of the struggle for national and social liberation was emphasised in the Congress for the promotion of the organisation and the promotion of the level of revolutionary spirit.

In the Congress with the revolutionary spirit and transparency the weaknesses of the previous PJAK struggles in Europe were analysed and considered. Considering the efforts, struggles and achievements that have been achieved so far in the PJAK struggles in Europe, the solve shortcomings and weaknesses, which overshadows the struggle, congratulations to all the members, friends and patriots who have become the strength and energy of our party’s struggles abroad that was done at the conference.

The Congress after analysing the past circumstances of PJAK struggles abroad, and identifies weaknesses and achievement points, opportunities, obstacles, and the needs of PJAK’s future struggles abroad identified from the country and analysed the details of the life and activities of the Kurds in the Diaspora.

The Congress has noted: There is no doubt that Kurds migrated abroad, directly or indirectly that has been imposed on our people by the national, political, economic and social issues that have arisen as a result of the policies of the occupiers.

Despite all the suffering, this situation has created a sense of patriotism, potential, experience and ability, which, properly evaluated, thought and organised; it can both support the internal revolution and become a force for building a free and Democratic Kurdish Community abroad. The individual and the Kurdish community abroad can take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of the Host Community.

Europe has a significant number of Kurds from the four parts of Kurdistan and a significant energy of work and struggle, which, unfortunately, we have not been able to organise this potential properly. In Congress, some of the shortcomings that have prevented us, as a PJAK organisation in Europe, from making good use of these opportunities the identification and solutions were analysed. Considering new methods and discovering appropriate approaches for the proper leadership was discussed.

At today’s stage; a strong organisation in Europe that relies on the power and the will of the people, through a democratic struggle, away from tension and with a deep reading of events, can change the course of change towards the establishment of a democratic and popular model.

In this view, the Congress adopted the following resolutions in a warm and revolutionary atmosphere:

  1. The release of Leader Apo is the released freedom of will and is the key to resolving the issue of democracy and coexistence in Kurdistan and the Middle East. Accordingly, the struggle for the freedom of the Apo leader will be the focus of our aim and struggle.
  2. Based on the philosophy of women’s liberation, we base our struggle against the sexist mentality.
  3. Maintaining a positive social culture and social ethics is the basis of the organisation’s duty.
  4. The coexistence of peoples and the development of a culture of coexistence and recognition of differences in the face of a homogenous state-nation society should be the basis.
  5. Diplomacy is considered a means to peace and friendship rapprochement between peoples. In this regard, basic public diplomacy and relations with civil and social organisations of other nations will be our priority.

In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and high spirits, its duty with intensive planning and with slogans «With our organisation, We establish a democratic nation, Release the Apo leader, and we will save Kurdistan» the Congress ended its Congress.

The Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK)

Europe – June 2022



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