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The political circumstances in Kurdistan and Iran are being directed by several players, big and small, to forward more dangerous events than the current sporadic wars. With the defeat of the wars of the last two decades for all sides of the war, has not been extinguished truly, practically and firmly destroyed against oppression, occupation and fascism. The standing of the struggles is still on its paths up to the martyring, which is the Apoyisim movement in all four parts of Kurdistan. The biggest enemy of this glorious movement of the people is also Turkey, which has been wholly armed and equipped by the global hegemony. The analysis of the recent political events on these two confrontations powers of each other, in order to role the close’s future of many regions in the Middle East and the countries that rule Kurdistan, which has a fundamental pivot.

Turkey has started a dangerous, full-fledged and comprehensive war against the Kurdish nation since 2016, but this time for the first time in all four parts of Kurdistan, whereas the Erdogan’s government and his fascist party are facing many political, economic and military crises, and has lost its ideological legitimacy. The biggest attacks on the country of three large parts of Kurdistan and the struggle forces of all four parts of Kurdistan have reached their peak. Following the transform in the dirty political games of global hegemony in Afghanistan, Turkey, which seeks to occupy the Western and also the Southern Kurdistan, has entered a new phase of its military occupying. It is possible that after Afghanistan, the United States will also leave Iraq and Syria. Turkey is trying to gain control over, especially northern Syria and Iraq, before Iran takes public action. Certainly, the affair goes beyond that, and the United States itself has given that country the green light.

We should rather say, this country has been constructed as an appointee to take dangerous steps a few steps ahead of Iran. Furthermore, in relation to the crisis in Afghanistan, they have given Turkey the main importance, in order to achieve their targets. The use of Turkey as a US and European gendarme in the region has become a more widespread period in recent days. According that we should know these fascist attacks on Kurdistan have started a new phase. Iran’s efforts in the central and southern regions of Syria and Turkey in the north of those countries are an obvious example of severe competition and conflict. This includes aspects, both in the context of the West’s schedule to confront Iran and in the conspiracy context of the suppression of the Kurdish liberation movement.

Turkey’s frightening nightmare in the recent days is the modern and glorious resistance and struggle of the Guerrilla forces against this country’s army, which in several hills; their forces have been grounded in the areas of Matina, Zap, Avashin, Zagros and Khwakurk. In fact, a few months later, this war, despite having the most updated development military technology nowadays, has been converted a nightmare war for the fascist Turkish regime. The cessation of war and attacks on parts of Kurdistan outside the borders would mean the flaming and explosion of a gunpowder depot of political and social antagonism within interior of that country.

Iran is also attempting to hide its historical animosity under the pretext of bilateral cooperation with Turkey against the forces of the Apoyisim movement. This is to be succeeded in curbing Turkey’s hostility in favor of the United States at this stage. Therefore, Iran is facing such beset crises that it is in danger of collapsing. The chance of the authoritarian regime of Iran is to utilize political and security advantage of the corona situation of society to inhibit the dissatisfied peoples and strata. On the other hand, the regime attempts to secure its eastern borders against global hegemony by making relations with the Afghan Taliban, but the fact is that leaving Afghanistan would mean the beginning of a phase of military and political action as a punitive measure against Iran. The focus of the world powers and Turkey is on reducing Iran’s influence in the region, curbing it, and ultimately collapsing.

Iran first embarked on a domination of power at the interior, and by marginalizing the reformists and moderates, the regime has gained all the possibilities of domination by forming a parliament and a cabinet of ministers of the army (IRGC¬) and the Basij. The regime attempts to establish the same order in neighboring countries. The regime first appeased the Taliban and was satisfied with the Taliban cure for fear of American death. The regime, then incites the Popular Mobilization forces in Iraq to react against the United States in order to leave Iraq as well.

Further than the regime wants the power of the Kurdish parties in the Southern Kurdistan as homogeneous. However, a process of homogeneous has begun in and around neighboring Arab countries. However, on the other hand, it is waiting for the policies of the two standards of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) game and the Israeli-American movements and violent actions, even militarily. Therefore, this must be crushed because it has caused US military defeats in Iraq and Syria over the past decade. This depends to what extent, Afghanistan will become a serious threat to Iran from countries such as Saudi Arabia in the future will determine the direction of its political and military developments. A fundamental fact, in the case of Afghanistan is the evidence of the defeat of the 20-year war by the forces of capitalist modernity in the Middle East.

Although the developments of recent days, despite that failure, does not mean that all the changes are in the interest of the people under oppressions. The capitalism pursued two targets, one was to plunder the resources of the Middle East, and the other was the war and intensifies it, they have reached both, of course. One of the defeat surfaces in Afghanistan marks the beginning of another phase of political rivalries and conflicts with other states such as Iran. That guarantees to escalate the sporadic wars from Afghanistan to the western borders of Syria and Lebanon.

All of these various difficulties of warfare throughout the Middle East are redirecting to focus on Iran. The focus of the World War III is currently on three parts of Kurdistan. Currently the war is formed in Kurdistan, Turkey and Iran are attempting to achieve their goals by intensifying their pressure and attacks on the forces of the Apoyisim liberation movement. Iran pushes pressure on the Guerrilla forces in the interior, arresting and imprisoning dozens of civil and political activists every month. Turkey also launches incessant air and ground attacks in Northern, Western and Southern Kurdistan with NATO-backed.

The attacks of these two fascist countries are a preparation to reduce the US presence in Iraq and Syria. In the face of these occupier attacks, the Guerrilla force has become the biggest obstacle and the center of hope, of the oppressed and war-torn peoples, especially the Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians and others. If the current successes of the Guerrilla resistance in the MEDIA protection zones continue, the spread of its methods of struggle as an alternative to the methods of the World War III of the world powers will profoundly affect the tendencies of the oppressed nations of the region.

All the concerns of Turkey, Iran and the hegemony of the players in the region are the same glorious victories of the Guerrilla forces of the Middle Eastern National. Even the fear of imitating the resistance movements of the Apoyisim movement by the world’s liberation forces also is one of their intensely concerns. The effort of the “Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK)” with the unceasing struggle of the Guerrilla forces of the Defense Units of East Kurdistan “YRK” is a comprehensive preparation to face the upcoming events.

Iran, which is struggling with the whirlpool of the crisis and the Corona issue, unemployment, hunger, economic collapse and the loss of political and ideological legitimacy. In addition, it is strongly condemned by the world public opinion, with the scandal of hacking the recorded videos of Evin prison; it will face more and more opposition inside and outside. The Iran’s terrorist attacks to assassinate civil activists in the Southern Kurdistan and the imprisonment of dozens of civil activists in the cities of the Eastern Kurdistan, as well as Turkey’s attacks on the 24th of August 2021 in Penjwin and Sharbajer, show similar fears in both countries of escalating the Guerrilla struggle on a larger phase.

These attacks demonstrate the Iran and Turkey pre-incident fear. These reactions are the result of their daily nightmares, which stem from the presence of active Guerrilla forces and the anger of our oppressed people and nations in the region contains from Afrin to Hewler (Erbil), Sulaimaniyah and Panjwin. Turkey’s attacks on the Kurdish strugglers and Guerrillas were essentially an eruption of the same fear that had erupted 38 years ago with the start of the August 15 battle and the start of the Guerrilla battle. The will of the Kurdish people for freedom has become the phobia of fascism in Iran and Turkey with the Guerrilla pioneers.

The two regimes who have failed in the past decades in the genocide of the Kurds and the destruction of the Guerrilla forces, they attempt to have shared conspiracy against the process of the Kurdish people’s liberation struggles by attracting the full support of Iraq, especially with the consent of Iraqi Prime Minister Kazemi, using the Barzani’s government and taking advantage of the turbulent circumstances of Bashar al-Assad’s government, which is controlled by Iran and Russia.

We have observed the examples of this in the attacks on Rojava, Shengal and Penjwan. It is obvious that the other Apoyisim movement, by struggling and creating the Kurds and with insisting on their selves’ resistance, has passed from the stage of genocide and has become a phobia of fascism in Iran and Turkey. If the Kurdish nation and its struggle forces can achieve internal national unity, the future will be in the interest of the Kurdish Nation.

The Kurdistan Free Life Party – PJAK

28 August 2021



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