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Jotyar Pishawa

The nature in general has been faced disasters in the world and has become victim to the capitalist system. The nature has spent millions of years for renovating, self-renewal, self-enrichment, and the creation of hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals. The nature in the last fifty years has been affected into a state of pressure, that no longer has a chance of life for most of its existence, and a large proportion of its creatures have become extinct and vanished.

The superpowers, with the mentality of industrialism, have turned their backs on the poor, especially the African and Middle Eastern countries, to provide the raw materials needed for the enlargement of power and capitalism, whether by military attack or creating crises by self-aggrandisement, or by creating some obstacles, under the description of terrorism, the lack of civilisation, and tens of other excuses on these issues, they are allowing themselves to be interfered in these countries.

They recline themselves there and in addition, they portray themselves as a saviour and a rescuer, and with extremely shameless, away from the human conscience, plunder and ruining inhumanity arbitrary and even govern the society, devoid of taking any positive steps to revive and compensate those ruins by the superpower. This is partly due to the lack of decent executives and responsibilities in these countries. Since all these countries that have become the arena of the industrialism superpowers are the countries that are far from democracy and most are run in a dictatorial system. Those who are dictators on their people are the best ones to obey and concede the imperialist states. How more they are vaunt-courier for entering the plunderers, they do whatever they can by themselves as well to destroy the environment.

During this period, when the science is at a high of development, why the nature is unrest and groaning of the devastations by the surroundings? In fact, if science and industry are to advance the society and are not anti-ecological, it is excellent and a fundamental requirement. Reversely the super forces of the capitalist have made these two phrases by Francis Bacon, who say: “Science is power” and “nature is savage”, they have made their manifestos. Due to the scientific rule in our life nowadays is more than the beginning of the twentieth century, they made the poor countries in their occupied arena. In some countries the only difference is that, for example, they dominate their military power, they invest their capital. Due to the past, the reaction against the military powers of Britain, Spain and Portugal, etc. occurred by the nation and liberalisms. However, at the moment those reactions do not appear due to the capital and money.

That is why the capitalists easily, in terms of raw materials, even labour forces, provide them from the local and the unemployed army of those poor countries. In addition, once a few years, under the guise of nature protection and climate change, they arrange the summits in Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Paris. Each time a country appears to be in agreement with the conspiracy and wisely, and then they trample their conventions. As we observe despite of the converse concerning the pure raw material, but day after day the condition of the weather and the nature become worse.

This fact proves that they do not have any alternative to be replaced with petrol and energy fossil. For more profit and the accumulation of capital, they use so much fuel and toxin materials daily, which is the carbon monoxide that spreads into the air. This pollution threatens the life of every creature, which is just an example of thousands of violations against nature and society. Therefore more plastic and garbage, and remains of the chemical materials that have seeped into the sea and land, must be stopped.

As long as industry and the environment is in the monopoly of the state, the state of nature will get worse, but not better. On the other hand all the states, especially the third world states (as their phrase) and the state at developing, they destroy their country’s nature similarly. Kurdistan is also one of the geographies that is plundered and destroyed more than anywhere else due to the richness of its natural resource, which is one of the reasons that Kurdistan is divided into four invaders by superpowers.

Another reason is that the cultural and natural richness of this region, because the Kurdish people have restlessly and persistently, demanded their rights and freedoms and have stood and rose up throughout history. Kurdistan has always been viewed security and politically by the central government. Although Kurdistan it is a geostrategic region, it has been described as a red line for the occupiers of Kurdistan, and to the extent that the Kurdish people, who are the most ancient inhabitants and the real owners of this country, are being denied and massacred.

One of these countries is the Iranian government, which is the authoritarian on East Kurdistan. The Iranian regime has a very fragile position in the world in terms of environmental protection. Iran is one of those countries where there is no any taking consideration of the nature protection morally and conscientiously. The Iranian regime does not have any renovation and restoration program of the nature. This is due to the incompetence of the government officials. There are many environmentalists and organisations of the nature protection in Iran, but these individuals and organisations are constantly under the threat and danger of the regime and face the most severe obstacles and pressures from the intelligence agencies and state authoritarians.

Most of them are being charged to spy and politics and are being faced to torture and imprisonment. It means, the environmentalists are not given the opportunity to fight and struggle for nature, even though the devastation policy is being implemented in every geographical region of Iran, but Iran’s view towards East Kurdistan is very different. The Iranian regime’s vision of the East is completely hostile and far from the human dimension. The East is being considered as revenue of war, and it is being treated in the same way.

As I have already mentioned previously, how in Kurdistan the call for rights and freedoms will continue to rise and they have confronted and will continue to resist the government’s occupation in all forms. This monopolistic policy of the Iranian occupier regime has made them do whatever they can to destroy the environment of Kurdistan and destroy Kurdish society and individuality. This statement is not an exaggeration or accusation. Its example is Khomeini’s jihadist fatwa (sentence, declaration) against the Kurdish people, who was the founder of this system, which was implemented at the beginning of the Iranian people’s revolution [which resulted in anti-revolution]. Khomeini’s jihadist fatwa also states that “we fight against the infidel, but not against Kurd “.

This means that they are not accepting the existence of Kurds and do not recognise nation rights such as Kurdish and see them as infidels. From the point of a system’s view called Islam all the belongings (home and property… etc.) and everything of Infidel is Halal (permitted) taking over and monopoly of Muslims and even murder is lawful and legitimated. That is why in East Kurdistan up to now; the policy is based on nature and society. Expecting to the Iranian regime to protect the environment is entirely wrong. Among the system which does not concern respects of humanity and humans are so valueless that even for providing a morsel of food the regime responds them with bullets.

The value of gratification a child’s stomach is the blood of the father, and a mother must sell her honour and dignity to raise her children, executing human in front of children, and dozens and hundreds of such acts being implemented, what expectation can we expect it, to be environmentally friendly or environmentalist friendly. The environmental protection is criminal by this system, so how does it implement such a crime?

This is an inescapable fact that without East Kurdistan, no government in Iran cannot stand on its feet one year, because the underground and surface resources of the East, provides the role of the central authoritarian such as arterial. In this wealthy country, people sell their life for their livelihoods, that is, the truth of the song of the singer Najma Gholami, who says; “Life is cheaper than bread” clearly being seen and life is being continued. If the government would not observe Kurdistan hostilely, it would have to provide at least part of its population’s livelihood. Despite all the plunders and devastation, the Kurdish people are still living in poverty and destitution. The Kurdish people in East Kurdistan must think cautiously regarding East Kurdistan that what likeness is, if is not likeness such as an intelligence centre and a military base?

The nation should know well that Kurdistan is full of executioners and plunders. Everyone must know well that the belongings of the sources of our country have not been left in their place. All the assets of our country have been plundered and transferred to the centre and will be. The regime even cannot govern that and assign it to its internal entourages of Kurdistan to continue its governing. Monopolising all these lands how could it be implemented without the support of the authorities, how it would be implemented? If a poor person would not be an obeyed to the authority and cut a tree what would happen to the person?

No one should expect the generosity of the centre, no one hopes for the regime’s intervention in the natural disasters of Kurdistan, they do whatever they can. They even wish to steal the Kurdish history heritages, identity and history of the Kurds, and the devastation is becoming more and more. Throughout history, the geography of Kurdistan has protected the Kurdish nation as a mother, from all attacks from the Hellenic and Achaemenid wars to the Mughal, Islamic, Sassanid, Safavid, and Ottoman wars, to the Iran-Iraq wars.

This time the policy is different and needs to be looked at carefully, this homeland is the investment and property of a nation. In order to reach in the hands of the future nations of this country, it is necessary for every Kurdish individual to take responsibility for his protection. It is necessary for the nation to assume the role and responsibility by the individuals and environmental organisations pioneers to protect the nature of the East and Iran.

It is necessary as how far the activists and organisations have taken the lead duties in the East and Iran, from which they will play a more strategic role and take greater steps in this direction. It is a fact that in order to be successful in environmental duties, a comprehensive movement in Iran needs to be organised. From a child to an adult should be involved in this movement.

Racial and ethnic differences should not be a problem, because nature is for all humanity. This is a duty that can be done with education and culture constructing. It is especially should be focused on the new generation.

Certainly a duty in this regards in not very easy, but it is also a position of pleasure, which is what makes it possible in such a way, which there is a communal struggle in the Iranian society.

The Iranian personalities are more opening minded and knowledgeable for these kinds of activities. Therefore this and every opportunity should be taken advantage of. All the environmentalists and the Kurdish people should not forget the last one or two years, several of our country’s sympathetic environmentalists have set their lives on fire and martyred to protect a tree twig. Every Kurdish individual must be such as Kak (Kak = elder brother, Mr.) Sharif, Kak Mukhtar and Kak Umed, so as not to be embarrassed the descendants of the future days.

Jotyar Pishawa

16 April 2021



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