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By: S Mihanparist

The vital partner for the UK and a long-term NATO ally is the chemical weapon user against Kurds and Kurdistan, which is the Turkish regime!

These are the descriptions of the Turkish regime by my local MP Mr Paul Scully, when I requested him to act against the Turkish massacre regime to stop genocide Kurds.

Sadly, he is still persisting to stand with the most brutal, terrorist, racist, fascist and chauvinist regime ever in the world and history and he also mentioned that his attitude is also the British government’s attitude.

Here is the total conversation between me and my MP Paul Scully, as a PDF file; to read it please click the below link:

There is more than a century that the chemical weapons have been used against Kurds and Kurdistan by the British government, Saddam Hussein’s regime, the Syrian regime, the Islamic republic and the extremist Islamic terrorist groups in the beginning of the last century to the Turkish regime in the past and right now.

The most racist, fascist, chauvinist and the terrorist regime’s supporters such as the UK still hiding and removing the news, videos, pictures, documents..Etc of their merciless tongs in the Middle East against Kurdish in particular and in generally Armenian, Balooch, Charkas, Las …etc. in TV, Radio, newspapers, websites, YouTube, Istagram, Facebook…etc.

Here is some leaked news of inhumanity dealing of the Turkish regime against Kurds by Morning Star by Steven Sweeny.

The document as a PDF file:

The Morning Star Link:



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