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The Kurdish people consider the massacre of PKK Guerrillas in Erbil an unforgettable crime. After passing 24 years, this crime against humanity, Barzani is still evading the fate of the victims, and both the southern government and its parliament are disregarding the crime. On May 16, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) killed more than 80 Guerrillas of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement in an inhumane and immoral crime. Although 24 years have been passed since this crime, but is still bleeding blood from this wound.

The Kurdish massacre by PDK undermined the achievements of the Kurds.

The achieving of the political position of the Kurds of South Kurdistan in the spring of 1991 gave new hope to the Kurds of other parts of Kurdistan. After the Republic of Kurdistan in Mahabad, the Kurds achieved a political and self-governing position for the second time. The other Kurds of other parts of Kurdistan valued the achievement as a national achievement and have not hesitate any effort to support it.

The ruling parties in the south caused great damage to the achievements of the Kurds with the beginning of the civil war (Kurdish-Kurdish war). The results of this war were such that the ruling parties committed any crime to win over the other side. These parties have asked the Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi armies for help for more massacres of Kurds.

Turkey has always used the internal discord of the Kurds

The foreign forces have used the tensions between the Kurds to their advantage, and the southern political currents have served the goals of the occupiers, either directly or indirectly. The killing of the Kurds by the Kurds is what the occupiers were hunting for, and this demand has been fulfilled by the ruling parties in the south. Turkey has used this circumstance more than any other occupier.

The Turkish government occupier invaded southern Kurdistan for the first time in 1983, claiming war with the PKK and intending to occupy parts of the region. Turkey has launched war against the Kurds in the south with the aim of achieving the borders of the National Pact and the New-Ottoman illusions. The largest and most extensive Turkish invasion of the South began on May 14, with the part taking in 200,000 Turkish troops and mercenaries. The Turkish government named the attack as a “hammer operation” and claimed that its aim was to destroy the PKK headquarters in the Zap region.

The Guerrilla forces of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) demonstrated historic resistance to the Hammer Operation and inflicted deadly blows on the Turkish army. As a result of this war, hundreds of soldiers and mercenaries of the Turkish regime were killed. According to released reports of the Turkish military, the Hammer Operation was at the request of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which opposed the presence of PDK forces in southern Kurdistan. The confirmation of this claim is the placement of the KDP Peshmerga in attacks on PKK Guerrillas.

Massacre of Guerrillas in Erbil and hiding their bodies!

On the day of 16th May 1997, two days after the beginning of the Hammer Operation, the KDP forces attacked a PKK Guerrilla medical centre in the town of Erbil and massacred the war-wounded Guerrillas.

In this cowardly attack, more than 80 wounded Guerrillas and Kurdish patriots were massacred by the PDK forces.

The Barzani’s forces simultaneously attacked the Kurdistan Red Crescent Hospital, the office of the Kurdistan National Democratic Union Party (YNDP), the office of the Mesopotamian Cultural Organisation, the Free Women’s Union of Kurdistan (YJAK), the office of “Valat” and “Velati Roj” newspapers in the town of Erbil. The Barzani’s forces shelled these centres with heavy weapons and in a brutal manner. In a brutal attack on these centres, many defenceless compatriots were massacred by Barzani’s forces. The PDK was not even enough appeased at this crime and then arrested and tortured the Kurdish patriots in Erbil.

Today is the 24th anniversary of the Kurdish killing by Barzani in Erbil. The crime that committed on 16th May 1997 by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) killed eighty wounded PKK Guerrillas and Kurdish patriots. Despite the fact that 24 years have passed since this crime, Barzani is still hiding the burial place of the martyrs. It is being said that the bodies of some of the victims of this national crime have been buried near Erbil Airport. In a report, which published in its 56th issue in 2011, the Umbrella newspaper states that it has obtained evidence that the bodies of the victims of the Erbil massacre were buried beside the way of the Erbil-Makhmur road near the “bitumen factory”.

The regional government, the regional parliament and Barzani do not respond to the request of the martyrs’ families of the Kurdish massacre in Erbil.

The families of the victims of the Erbil massacre have been making requests to the regional government, the Kurdistan Region Parliament, the regional human rights community, and Barzani for several years to discover out the fate of their loved ones, but neither the organisations nor Barzani has responded to the demands of the families.

16 May 2021



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