The Iranian Anti-Riot Forces attacked Protestors who had gathered around the governor’s office in Bane. During this attack, five Protestors have been injured and four others have been arrested so far.

“Following a massive strike in Bane, hundreds of people gathered around the governor’s office while calling for dismissal of the governor and putting a stop to killing kolbers. But anti-riot forces attacked them”, one of the protesters told Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

“The protesters responded by throwing stones at the anti-riot forces’ attack while the special forces threw stones and fired tear gas at protesters in addition to beating a number of them with batons. At least five protesters were injured by special shotgun bullets”, this protestor added.

“In this gathering, protesters broke into the governor’s office while calling for dismissal of the governor and putting a stop to killing kolbers. A number of vehicles belonging to the governor’s office were also burnt. As the anti-riot forces were not able to control the situation, Bane border guards besieged all the streets leading to the governor’s building and shot the protesters with the Kalashnikov”, he continued.

“Once the protestors figured out the border guards had entered into the scene to kill them with direct shooting, they evacuated the building. As the streets are still blockaded, there is no news about the fate of a number of protestors. Now the city is filled with the sound of helicopters flying in the sky while anti-riot forces have been transferred from Seqiz and Sine to Bane”, the source added.

Since Monday, Bane citizens have started extensive protests to the killing of two Kurdish kolbers by Iranian Disciplinary Forces.

According to the information obtained by KHRN, the people of Bane called for closure of shops and marches in front of the governor’s office following the killing of two kolbers by direct shooting of Iranian border guards. A large part of the market in the city was also closed in protest to these killings.

It is worth mentioning, Iranian disciplinary forces (NAJA) shot two kolbers on the head and killed them in the Border area of Bane on Monday morning, September 04. The kolbers were called Qadir Behramî (41) and Heyder Ferecî (21). The two kolbers were not carrying goods.


Source: Kurdistan Human Rights Network ─ KHRN