Attack by Iranian regime forces left a kolber dead and two others wounded at Hewraman border.

Iranian regime forces have once again attacked the kolbers, cross-border porters working for daily wage, at the border between Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) and Başûr (Southern Kurdistan).

Local sources told Firat News Agency, ANF, that the kolbers were targeted at the border of Berwaz village in Hewraman region. Three kolbers got wounded as result of the attack.

One of the kolbers who got shot in the stomach lost his life while his friends transported him to hospital. The other injured kolbers are reported to be from the villages of Bindol and Saral.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, 96 kolbars lost their lives and 64 others got wounded as result of attacks by Iranian guards, avalanche, drowning and fall from cliff between April 2016 and April 2017.

Kolbers (Carriers) are the people who are forced to carry goods for living, and carrying goods across the borders by passing mountains from unofficial custom points, in return to very low wages. Thousands of Kurdish villagers which trying to feed their family, because of the economic hardship and lack of jobs and opportunities, having no choices, they became Kolbers and cross the borderto get some money for their family.

Every year dozens of Kolbers wound and kill by Iranian border guards, and sometimes they have to bribe the border guards and Iranian security forces, while they get a very small amount of money by doing Kolberi.


Firat News Agency ─ ANF