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The East Kurdistan Democratic and Free Society (KODAR) strategic statement on the presidential and local council elections in Iran, has broad political and media repercussions. In this connection Rêwar Awdanan, a member of the leadership council of Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) wrote an article. The article stressed that the Islamic Republic must create opportunities to count the booty and the presidential elections of this year and to open ways for an era of democracy transform. Rêwar Awdanan analysed statement in KODAR’s statement as follows:

The political future of Iran is deeply tied to the presidential election of 2017. Perhaps the most important elections in the Islamic Republic after the revolution of 1979. The Islamic republic, which is highly political has diplomatic pressure from the region and the world, the election result will be very crucial.

KODAR announced its basic policy toward these elections in a statement. KODAR rather than participation or boycott, unquestionably threw the ball to the Islamic Republic to give a chance to the democratic revolution in Iran. A few tips to assess the political process KODAR said:

– KODAR showed their difference from the other political movement that only ”talks”, they are very serious and far sighted and offer a political solution.

– KODAR with radical democratic demands of the Kurdish people and all the peoples of Iran, the political climate in the Islamic republic must modernize and extremism to be challenged.

– KODAR asserts that the democratic road map for solving the problems of Iran and to raise the road map in accordance with the presidential election. This showed that KODAR’s political developments within and outside of the ring is not only talking.

– Political events that have a worldwide paradigm is not new, democratic, free and progressive, even and eventually society are transformed. KODAR is relying on dialogue and democratic nation, a non governmental worldwide for all the peoples of Iran.

– KODAR will give Iran the opportunity to make a valuable alternative solution and avoid war. The statement indicated that creation of the free and democratic society is KODAR’s main strategy in Iran.

– The Islamic Republic with neither its smile from the outside or the global forces and neither with an iron fist from the inside can make the Iranian people retreat from their demands. KODAR’s statement is announcing the obvious truth.

– KODAR’s model of democratic autonomy within Iran were created as a political demand. Kurds are the vanguard of developments in the Middle East and efforts to realize this model in the political geography in Iran, a bold and wise political behavior. For this model the social and historical realities of Iran is very consistent.

It is better that the Islamic republic creates opportunities to count the booty of the presidential elections of year 2017 and to open the the way for entering an era of democracy transform. Because all indications suggest that insisting on backwardness and tyranny will only accelerate the process of foreign intervention.

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