On 20th March during Newroz eve, while Kurdish people were trying to gather for a Newroz celebration, an attack took place by Iranian security forces, leading to clashes between civilians and the police force.

Few days prior to Newroz,  the celebration of Newroz was to be banned in many Rojhelat cities including Merîwan, which is militarized by the Iranian regime, said a local source.

In Merîwan city of Rojhelat, on 20th March, while people were gathering to celebrate Newroz, the police force started attacking civilians, trying to divide the gathered mass. Clashes continued until midnight and gun shots where heard in many places.


Despite all bans and pressures from the Iranian regime, people of Rojhelat welcomed Newroz and the Kurdish new year with massive celebrations along the country sides of Rojhelat. We have shared videos of Rojhelat’s Newroz celebration, please click here to watch the videos.