The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) issued a written statement in which it called attention to the fundamental changes taking place in the Middle East and said: “The ongoing war and the reluctance of occupant states to support a democratic and political solution are the reasons for destruction and crisis. International forces try to strengthen their positions in the Middle East and they intervene in every effort. At the same time, the nation-states in the region are implementing the same policy with international forces. They have switched from defense position and strengthened their occupant positions. All these practices result in the escalation of the war in the region.”

In its statement, PJAK said the forces that say the ongoing war is taking place outside their boundaries should remember that these boundaries were determined in the previous century, adding: “The forces in the Middle East should understand that they cannot defend their policies and cultures by speaking about democracy without understanding the region’s history. The situation in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan reflects this reality very well.”

PJAK stated that Iran has many identities politically, geographically and nationally, and should reassess the its political components in the current situation.

“Iran should undergo a political and mental transformation, which it needs more than ever. Iran should work more for the classes and social components in the country. Iran is obliged to changes and Iranian people’s demand for democracy is important.”

PJAK stressed that democratic resolution, which they have favored since foundation, is the only way to settle the Kurdish issue and the internal problems of Islamic republic of Iran Republic which however took no step in this regard so far.

“The choice of democratic resolution is the best ground for governments. The Iranian government is in need of this because it will not be able to attain a future better than Iraq’s and Syria’s on the contrary case”, added PJAK.