PJAK's 5th Congress - Zilan Vejin

In an interview with London Keyhan, the Co-chair of PJAK Zîlan Vejîn announced: In current sensitive situation, creating democratic front for Iranian people is our priority. Please find a segment of the interview with Zîlan Vejîn below:

Co-chair of PJAK (Free Life Party of Kurdistan) noted effective combat against Islamic Republic of Iran requires unity among Iranian people. She continued: “Undoubtedly one of the main topics discussed at the congress was the necessity of creating a common front as we are in a very sensitive time. One of the important decisions that was adopted as final resolution by the fifth congress members was the importance of striving to create Iranian people’s Democratic Front. Powers involved in and regional war and Kurdistan and considering the worst regional crisis in middle east, one can note that each power aims to be the main actor and implement their projects. Iran, as a country in region has always attempted to stabilize their position in region by directly or indirectly involving in the regional war. Iran attempted to take the offensive wars outside its borders in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and carrying those missions under Hezbollah banner to prevent internal backlash within Iran. Every regional force, especially Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria are part of the crisis. If the issues related to peace and democracy were resolved in those nations – the crisis and war would have never reached to current situation and many would have not become victims of the war.”

Referring to the crisis in the region, Zîlan Vejîn says: “Take a look at situation in Turkey. If they approached the issues in a democratic, and socialist manner, the crisis in the country would have never reached the current state. What is clear is that the people will never bow down in face of oppression and authority. It is also quite true about Iran. In such a situation, the establishment of the Peoples Democratic Front of Iran is essential. Of course, we can not just speak about the idea as striving to make it happen is necessity at this critical moment. All democratic forces, socialists, leftists, feminists and all those who work to provide sustainable way, are required to participate in the creation of the Democratic Front.”

About the importance of Peoples Democratic Front, co-chair of PJAK said: “We have witnessed the Arab Spring, and today’s world is witnessing the Kurdish Spring. In order to provide sustainable solutions in Eastern Kurdistan and the implementing its goals and objectives, Free Life Party of Kurdistan will expand their campaigns. Undoubtedly, such an approach does will not be implemented by one party alone but it requires a democratic front. PJAK is ready to assist and believes that those who have studied the provisions of the act of congress need to specify their desired position. This strive to democratize Iran requires to be implemented and it cannot be delayed.”

Zîlan Vejîn noted the importance of Iran’s full democratization: “Referring to history we can see that the people beyond geographical boundaries lived in communal ways. But with the inception of the state, borders also emerged. By creating borders, the lines between peoples, nations, languages and cultures were highlighted. Day by day the number of prohibitions and restrictions were added to government. This was also the source of our campaign as the vanguard party in KODAR system, with the ideology based on democratic politics, strive to build alliance with Iranian peoples, including Persians, Azeris, Arabs, Baluchis, Mazen in democratizing Iran. On this basis, neither we become part of the global system policy nor we will practice in line with the objectives of the nation-state. The third front , is the policy of struggle to realize the construction of the moral community based on political paradigm in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan.”

“Therefore We cannot talking about separatism while we are talking about Rojhelat (East Kurdistan). We will establish this system in Iran with Kurdish nation’s initiative. This is a system which has been chosen and accepted by the people. In this regard, of course the opposite side also must take the necessary steps.”

About the right of self-defense she said: “Iranian government would do anything and culminate their comprehensive attacks to neutralizing PJAK’s efforts as a result of fears they have from an alternative which PJAK offering for the future of Iran. This is while the Iranian government’s deeds including execution themselves are terrorist acts. ISIS decapitates, Iran also executes. There is no difference between recent action of Iranian government against guerrillas of PJAK and what ISIS is doing. Government does not refuse any inhumane method against PJAK, but PJAK by relying on freedom seeking ideology become more popular and supported among people and become stronger than before. As mentioned in the resolution, pervasive defense system in Rojhelat and Iran is inalienable right of nations. Against execution, imprisonment, promoting counter-culture of basij, spreading addiction and social anomalies, spreading depravity, legitimating mercenary policy, misogyny and prohibition for women and youths in Rojhelat and Iran policies which are sensible policies of government, utilizing right of self-defense is the most important right of an individual, group or a nation.”

Regarding the role of women in the 5th congress, co-chair of PJAK said: “In the 5th congress of party equal participation of women and men in all dimensions and levels has been approved and practiced. Before that the share of participation were 40% female, 40% male and 20% both (depending on votes), but in 5th congress the equal participation of women and men in all levels have been practiced. This is not a superficial act but it shows our principles of struggle and ideology. All of our actions taking place by rely on this principle. The “Democratic Confederalism” system is established based on democratic society, ecologic and freedom for women. We can say PJAK is the 1st political party in Iran and Rojhelat that participation of women and men in all level has been practical in it.”

The co-chair of PJAK Zîlan Vejîn in response to the question of Keyhan London reporter that “It seems it is said that PJAK is part of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)” reminded that: “PJAK is not a branch of PKK. PJAK accepts the thoughts and ideology of leader of Kurdish people Abdullah Öcalan. Any other Kurdish political party also can do that. It is important to point out that now Abdullah Öcalan is not only the leader of a nation, now his ideology and philosophy became international. His 40 years of struggle has been for humanity and this does not mean PKK can interfere in our method of activities and campaigns. Because of same ideology, it is seen that PJAK oriented towards PKK. We can also have this method of relationship with other political parties of Rojhelat that are fighting. Therefore we can say PJAK is an absolutely independent political party that fights for democratization of Rojhelat and Iran.”