PJAK's co-chairs, Zîlan Vejîn and Siyamend Moînî

PJAK’s co-chairs, Zîlan Vejîn and Siyamend Moînî

Recently co-chairs of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) discussed the fifth congress of their party on NewrozTV program and announced future plans.

Co-chair of PJAK Zîlan Vejîn indicated as a member of KODAR, PJAK endeavors to build a democratic nation along with other parties of Iran and Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) and she added: “As a pioneer in KODAR, PJAK is attempting to familiarize its democratic solution to people of Kurdistan and Iran. It would be extremely beneficial to people, political parties and other organizations if everyone unite their struggle, especially at this time that Iran is facing many crises. Not only PJAK has plans and projects for deal with the crises but also it has the humanpower to discuss and make progress in Kurdish question.

In regards to other Rojhelat’s parties and organizations, Zîlan Vejîn stated: “There are some differences among parties and organizations, but we have to emphasize that there are also common points that can be exploited. PJAK has always been the leading will force for Kurdish people, however other parties and organizations are responsible for their contribution.”

In regards to holding the congress at this point in time she added: “In recent years Middle East has experienced many crises and every power is concerned with employing their project in the region. PJAK was also in need of organizing and increasing of their activities in Rojhelat.”

Siyamend Moînî other co-chair of PJAK also expressed his views after the fifth congress: “We are planning to recoup our past weaknesses and increase our efforts to enable our people in a new level of political battle. We will keep up the battle to unite the people.”

Siyamend Moînî stated: “We will try to establish the democratic nation in Rojhelat and Iran” and he added: “In our fifth congress we focused our discussion on Iran and Rojhelat, and we decided to enhance our efforts in a coherent way by channelizing our struggles in a different approach, let it be political, social, civil, or efforts in protecting the nature. We will also continue efforts to protect our people’s achievements but in a different approach.”