Rêwar Awdanan

Rêwar Awdanan, Executive Council member of KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) on the rescue operation of Mosul, the Turkish occupation of northern Syria and their purposes in Iraq, the Kurdish role in the fight against ISIS, the future of the Middle East and the Kurdish role and position.

The liberation of Mosul, the end or the beginning of the global war on ISIS?

All of Turkey’s effort and their political position is to prevent the Kurds in the Middle East. Because of the occupation in Jarabulus and Dabiq and other areas of Northern Syria, Erdogan’s participation for the liberation of Mosul is in this same direction. Erdogan wants to imitate Ataturk, during the formation of the Turkish Republic. He considers Syria and Iraq as part of the Ottoman Empire and considers these two states as part of the current state of Turkey. Turkey is aiming to attach these areas to themselves. So the policy of threats and blackmailing against the countries in the region is used. Turkey eventually wants this to be imposed on all. ”We will only withdraw from Mosul, Kirkuk and Northern Syria, when we have been given the freedom to continue the suppression of Kurds everywhere”. And it is worth to mention that Turkey’s relations with KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) is only to pretend to be an ally of Kurds. Turkey doesn’t mind a small Kurdish state in Northern Iraq and even some areas in Rojava. But Turkey wants Kurdish political developments in the Middle East under its control.

Erdogan is trying to convince the governments against Kurdish freedom movement specially PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). Why would someone insist so much on being a part of the liberation of Mosul. Turkey wants Mosul to become a cross border state and also to prevent the democratic revolution of the PKK in the region. Their recent aggression in Dabiq is in this same direction. Again the eyes of the global and regional forces remain closed. Turkey’s campaign to participate in the liberation of Mosul has been defeated. Turkish military occupation of Iraq was named an littered army and were not allowed to participate in the battle of Mosul. International forces rejoiced Turkey by allowing its army to occupy Dabiq. However, it was a staged scenario of pretending to fight ISIS. In reality there is no fight between Turkey and ISIS. The only thing necessary for ISIS in Dabiq were to shave their beards and wear the clothes of FSA (Free Syrian Army) just like the scenario of Jarabulus.

Nonetheless, especially in Mosul, after its liberation war, will face ups and downs and difficulties. Because the forces in the operation are so different and a political solution is unlikely to be able to manage the situation. Iraq’s political destiny will depend on the negotiations for Mosul. The presence of the Turkish occupation in the Bashiqa region was to participate in the liberation of Mosul, but in the end they were not allowed. However the Turkish occupation is not over yet, now we will have to wait. What Turkey have in mind after the liberation of Mosul, is yet to show. It is clear that Erdogan wants its fascist regime and military inside Mosul and it is clear that he also has an agenda for Şengal (Sinjar). Turkish presence in South Kurdistan and Iraq is a serious risk. Especially the Kurdish people and Kurdish parties have to use all of its force to deal with the aggression and occupation of Turkey.

It is clear that military operation of Mosul will spread into a political war in the entire region and might ultimately lead to a regional war. The only solution to this crisis is a diverse multi national democratic model as we see in Rojava and Northern Syria. But Turkey and the forces that have been submerged into this proxy war will oppose this democratic mentality. Global superpowers will play the game of divide and control, because for them and their interest there is nothing better than war and bloodshed.

Also the opposition forces which is Iran, does not want to disconnect ground between Iraq’s militias, Syria and Lebanon and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Land access to Hezbollah and Syrian Alawites, is a basic strategy for Iran. Disconnection between the mentioned forces means serious rupture in the Geopolitical Shiite crescent. Break in the crescent, means exerting pressure on Israel and the Iranian hegemony in the region as a whole will suffer. But Iran will have to continue to maintain Shiite crescent which is a challenge and Iran will have to redefine its relations with the Kurds. As the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria are trying to achieve specific political statue, Iran is forced to interact with the Kurds.

The Mosul war, will pour gasoline in the fire of Sunni-Shiite conflict. Iran and Saudi Arabia will find more excuses for aggression against each other. The descendants of Safavid and Ottoman empire after 1639 and the Treaty of Qasr-e Shirin, confront and settle accounts with each other. Axis formation of Treaty of Lausanne, was a battle for Mosul and Kirkuk which Turkey submitted to the United Kingdom and were given the permission for the repression and genocide of Kurds in Bakur (North Kurdistan). Now, after the end of the hundred years agreements of Lausanne and Sykes-Picot treaty, the controversy is still about Mosul and Kirkuk. One hundred years ago on the basis of the same places that the Middle East conflict was drawn to them. In short, the war of Mosul will be larger.

Turkey’s occupation of Jarabulus and Dabiq, and the further idea is to occupy Bab and Aleppo and also to facilitate ISIS and other extremist forces that besieged Aleppo in Syria. Thus it is clear that Turkey is practically in front of the Syrian and Iraqi front, returned to the interest of the West’s war against the Russian front. This war of attrition puts pressure on Erdogan and Turkey and will inevitably lead to greater reliance on NATO and the West. As well as using fascist regime of Turkey to pressure the Kurds and also the people of Syria and Iraq, Turkey then would put further pressure on them to make them dependent. Finally Turkey would use Syria and Iraq to implement an aggressive front against the Shiite crescent. Now the coalition against ISIS is intervening against the Sunni front, but to keep the balance, they are also keeping collars around Turkey. And the common point of the two intervention and to prevent democratic revolution and the development of the region.

So we see that the policy of ”War to divide and rule” with the utmost skill by actors who marked Lausanne, continues. Democratic solutions to the Kurdish Democratic Federation in Northern Syria and Democratic autonomy in Northern Iraq are all historical identities. The democratic model, based on definition of a political statue is not merely an ethnic group seeking ownership of a specific geography, but based on a common homeland to all ethnics, religions and cultures to live side by side. For example, geography such as North Syria of trying to defeat ISIS, this democratic model will be with the participation of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmen, Armenians, Chechens, Circassians and other variations of the established identity. This model guarantees the right and freedom of all peoples. This model would also guarantee the integrity of Syria.

Translated by Rojhelat.info