Newroz 2715 - Rojhelat

Kurdish New Year “Newroz 2715” in Sine, Ciwanro and Urmiye mixed with the political messages

A week before Newroz, KODAR (Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan) and KJAR (Free Women’s Society of Eastern Kurdistan) in a declaration recalled people to establish for Newroz 2715 “Kurdish New Year” celebration. This year celebration in Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) effectively from resistance of Kurds in Kobanê and Kerkuk converted to the holly celebration against enemies. The celebration of this year in Sine, Ciwanro and Urmiye mixed with the political messages.

The celebration of this year’s Newroz in Sine city was different typical of last year by real meaning of symbol of life and resistance against oppression and injustice. One of the organisers of the event led the celebration into a moment of silence to honor those who perished in war and the audience called freedom and said greeting, pure spirits of those killed in the cause of peace and freedom and those who dedicate their lives for freedom and democracy.

After a minute of silence, a representative of the youth stated in the world and a new life in a way, a fire was lit in the Kobane never shuts. A group of youth also lit the Newroz fire and the audience were whispering together some Newroz Anthems. The ceremony was attended by the Peace’s Mothers. Dozens of people, specially women covered with colourful clothes participated in the Newroz. Women’s participation in this celebration was impressive.

Also Ciwanro city in last two days was stage of Newroz celebrations. Participants set up bonfires of Newroz by raising the clothing in green, red and yellow as (Kurdish National Colors) repeated the Newroz song. The ceremony ended with a dancing crowd.

In addition, Zêwe (a village in Mirgewer Rural District, Urmiye County) witnessed the establishment of the New Year gatherings have been held continuously in recent years.

In Pawe (Kirmaşan Province) the lovers of nature and environmental activists released the birds trapped in cages and return them to the nature while they were flaming the New Year fire with the cages.

Newroz 2715 - Rojhelat

Pressure by Iran, Kurds still celebrated Newroz with excitement

Kurdish people celebrate Newroz in any condition, even though Iranian regime continues arresting, torture and put a heavy pressure on the Kurds. After the celebration of Newroz, the Iran security forces arrest some participant of the Newroz in city of Mehabad in 21st March. Several artists have joined the Newroz party in Mehabad, which are Salar Sablaxi, Hejar Hedadi and Sermend got arrested and hold in prison for 24 hours after they returning from the party by the Iran security agents.

According to the ROJ NEWS Agency, the Mehabad authorities had disrespect and torture the artist for participating the Newroz party and then Freed which they had a band and out on bill.

Also the Kurds in city of Newsud planned to celebrate the Newroz, but the government forces try not to let them which got reaction by the people that caused unrest. According to the ROJ NEWS, in this unrest 3 Kurds have been wounded.

Also in four provinces of Ilam, Kirmaşan, Urmiye and Sine, people welcomed Newroz and celebrate with excitement and joy, even under the pressure of government and army attacks.

In previous years, the Iranian security forces have punished artists for joining the Newroz celebration and treath them with arrest.

In city of Seqiz and Sine, the Iranian forces have warned Kurdish people with a bomb explosion if they celebrate Newroz, but the people ignored the propaganda and celebrated their national holiday.