Azad Etmanî

Azad Etmanî, a civilian Kurdish from the village of Deşwan of Selmas city, located in the East of Kurdistan (Rojhelat) was killed by the Iranian border guards on 22nd of December, 2014.

According to Human Rights Activities News Agency (HRANA), on Monday 30 year old Azad Etmanî, son of Efrûz from Rojhelat, was shot directly between the Iran-Turkey border (Brûşxaran village) by Iranian border guards.

Sources state that “the border guards deliberately, and without provocation, shot Azad.” Sources state further that such occurrences occur often on the borders. In fact, “annually hundreds of civilian Kurdish people living around the borders are killed, or injured including Kolber and load bearing animals.”

Kolber, and civilian people of the border region are the most deprived and economically underdeveloped communities in the East of Kurdistan (Rojhelat). The use of lethal violence and extra judicial killings of Kurds who are forced into such economic conditions due to the policies of the Iranian regime is an act of terror, and should be condemned in the strongest terms.

* Kolber: people who carry goods across the border on their back, back carriers.