H. Haci Ehmedi

Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi, co-chair of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) spoke on the important issues that drove the latest development in Kurdistan, in his opinion ISIS is a cancer and if not destroyed it will destroy everyone. He also added that in the case of failure of the united forces of Kurdish resistance Hewlêr and Silêmanî will be occupied.

Haji Ahmadi in an interview with ROJ NEWS said, East Kurdistan Defense Units (YRK) are ready to defend Rojava (West Kurdistan). Co-chair of PJAK states that from now on more will be expected from the people of Rojhelat (East Kurdistan) to support the resistance and he hopes that Rojava will become a model for Rojhelat.

Haji Ahmadi on the situation in the Middle East said: “The Middle East, particularly Kurdistan is facing a crisis and there are two main reasons, one is that in today’s global society in every country where politics is not dominant dictatorship will be born and the country will be facing a crisis, when people lose their hopes in politics they turn to religion. All of the third world countries, particularly the Middle East is dictator made. We see the results today. Second is that the Middle East is the main source of energy for the world’s industrialized countries. 56% of the Oil Field in the world is from Kurdistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the rest is in other parts of the world, this percentage increases day by day and the Middle East is the main source of energy for the industrialized countries.”

Haji Ahmadi on the conspiracies of Turkey adds: “Erdogan planned a conspiracy against the Kurdish nation based on the simplicity and the ignorance of the Kurdish allies, which has been a deceived wake up call for USA.

USA soon started to work to form a front again ISIS. A front to prevent ISIS from creating a republic. USA also attracted the Arabic countries to join the front, nearly 60 countries are at war against ISIS now, in the shadow of the inhuman policy of Erdogan’s policies and the correct policies of the Kurds, the Kurds are part of the front.”

He said regarding the negative aspect of ISIS against the Kurds: “We were devastated that hundreds of our villages and towns were crushed. Thousands of Kurds were martyred and thousands were made refugees, thousands of girls and woman were abducted and sold. Still the Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Minister of Peshmerga, Parliament and the ruling party did not assume any responsibility for it, trying to make it seem like a normal and natural event. But Şengal is a black page in the history of the Kurds and will never be forgotten. ISIS is a force with a dangerous ideology that caused unique friendship and international support for the Kurds. No event in the history of Kurdistan and Kurdish resistance have been able to cause national unity amongst the Kurds more than now and enable us to come together. The second issue is that for the first time in human history that woman had an opportunity to prove their ability in practice and all areas of life independent of men. Today in Kobanê and Kurdistan and also in the Middle East and around the world in the future this will become undeniable truth.”

Haji Ahmadi about role of YRK against ISIS in Şengal, Mexmur and Kirkuk said: “Although this question is related to KODAR (Free and Democratic Society of Eastern Kurdistan) but far as I am aware, KODAR before any Kurdistan parties have informed the Kurdish parties authorities their Guerrillas are ready for the protection of South Kurdistan under any circumstances.”

In regards with dispatch of Guerrilla forces,Haji Ahmadi pointed out: “KODAR knows it but if people of any part of Kurdistan need to help, all parties of other Kurdistan parts have a duty to help them as a national duty. YRK forces, although not directly but indirectly been involved in the resistance of the Kobanê because not least the martyrs come from Rojhelat.”

In association with donation by Rojhelat people to Şengal and Kobanê he stated: “Expectation of the people who founded a republic (referred to the Republic of Kurdistan in Mahabad 1946) 70 years ago is much higher. I hope they continue their support to victory Rojava.”

“However some forces wanted to divert these donations but despite the policy of imprisonment and execution of Iran, Rojhelat people are aware. PJAK also has an experience and support of the people. PJAK knows when, how to act in manner”, Haji Ahmadi emphasized.

PJAK co-chair described the Hewlêr Treaty very late but promising which led to the unification of Rojava wings. “We expect the heads of Rojava parties that has been living in Hewlêr return to Kobanê to fight against ISIS”.

In connection with the alliance between Rojhelat Parties he said: “Until now there is no alliance between parties but I hope Rojava to be a model for Rojhelat. Although KODAR has a few months ago meeting with all Kurdish parties lived in South Kurdistan to coordinate the Rojhelat forces”.

“Iran and Turkey in particular intervened directly or indirectly that does not hold the Kurdish National Congress but after the tragedy of Şengal and shock come on Hewlêr, also Kobanê resistance and support of Kurdish and people around the world, we are hope the Congress to be held as soon as possible”, told PJAK co-chair.