Ebbas Kemendî

The Kurdish artist, singer, writer and poet Abbas Kamandi (Ebbas Kemendî) passed away early morning on Thursday, 22th May, in a hospital in his birthplace Sine (Sanandaj), in Rojhelat.

Kemendî suffered on Wednesday evening from aches in kidneys and was taken to the hospital on Thursday morning, after his heart stopped working. Other sources reported that he has suffered a heart stroke and died at the early hours of the day in Tohid hospital.

Kemendî, born in 1952, started writing when he was 16, Kemendî worked for 35 years in Sine radio. He has sung songs with the Kamkars, one of the worldly-known Kurdish music groups. He was also a great painter and his last exhibition was in Silêmanî of Başur (South Kurdistan region).

Ebbas Kemendî was one of the experts in the Kurdish arts and folklore, at the age of eighteen; he participated in one of short stories contests in and took the first award. Whenever he wrote more than 150 songs during his career, formed a number of bands and sang many of calm songs. He also wrote four novels and 30 scenarios for long and short films such as “Mam Rehim’s Legacy, The battle of Remady, Red alley, Pen and Satan.

His funeral ceremony was held at the Mela Weysî Mosque on Thursday 22th May. Three years ago, writing a letter of complaint against the artist titled “We did not get anything other than leg pain and humiliation” Kemendî had criticized the inattention of the Iranian cultural authorities.