Iranian Soliders

Kurdish youth hanged himself for not joining army

A Kurdish youth hung himself in Meriwan in order to not join the Iranian army.

According to Firat News Agency (ANF), a Kurdish youth named Ebdullah Wahidi hung himself in the Filqus mountain in Meriwan.

It is said that the 19 year old Ebdullah killed himself as a result of family pressures of joining the Iranian army. The reasons for joining the army is to be eligible to marry, apply for a drivers licence, getting a passport, traveling within Iran, study, work and several more rights.


A Kurdish solider killed himself in Iranian Revolutionary Guard military base

A Kurdish Yarsan solider killed himself as a result of pressures and oppressions from his commander.

According to a report from members of the Yarsan Advisory Council Activists, a Kurdish Yarsan youth named as Hikmet Seferi killed himself as well.

Hikmet, who spent 6 months of his service in Padafand Air Defense of Iranian Revolutionary Guards military base in Bijar, he killed himself with his gun.

Hikmet had spoken to his family last week regarding his commanders’ pressure on him. He demanded his testament submitted to his father but the authorities have taken his testament with force and they did not give it to his father.


Source: Firat News Agency — ANF
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