The policy of ethnocide is one of the most powerful tools for oppressing a nation. The Kurdish nation in Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) has been exposed to this policy.

The assimilation processes in Rojhelat are not based on a single form but employed in different types and aimed at different groups.

The Basij is a militia group subordinate to and receive orders from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with the current Supreme Leader Khamenei at the top to whom they are known for their loyalty. They have also been described as “a loosely allied group of organizations” including many groups controlled by local clerics with local organization almost in every city in Iran.

Recently, the regime has planned to boost loyal membership from schools. In conjunction to this, Basij organisation of the city of Shino has started to give loans with less interest to the students who join the militia. They have started to propagandize for their organisation in the schools worrying the families of the students.

Several days ago the Basij Organisation in the city of Seqiz started propagation in the high schools of Elm o Sanat saying that if students join the militia their opportunity of being accepted by universities will certainly increase. The students need to fill in special type of membership forms in order to be rewarded.

This process of increasing Basij members is not a new phenomenon. The regime has been employing this policy for many years. The intention beyond this is to make students dependent on and loyal to the regime.


Source: Firat News Agency