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1. Middle East Women's Conference

The first conference of women in Middle East announced its final decision. The conference pioneered by Kurdish women launched its meeting on 1st of June with the slogan of “women, life, freedom” under the name of 3 Kurdish female politicians (Sakîne Cansiz, Fîdan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez) who were assassinated at the beginning of this year in Paris.

The conference took place in the city of Amed (Diyarbakir) and attended by 250 women from 23 countries. Politicians, women activists and academics among those attended came from all parts of Kurdistan, Europe and the Middle East.

On the 3rd June the last day of the conference the final statement that included 13 sections was read out by a Kurdish female activist Gülten Kişanak. It reads as follows:

  1. Creating a strong network of connection between the women attended the conference.
  2. Forming a committee that insures this connection.
  3. Stressing on the rights of mother tongue and confirming it as one of the women’s demands.
  4. Rejection of the model of nation-state suggesting democratic multi-national system and standing against any fascism and dictatorship.
  5. Creating a group in order to control the situation of women in the Syrian camps.
  6. Extending the level of activities against stoning, girl circumcision, oppression and aggressive behaviours both from men and the governing elites and also attempting against new-liberal politics abuses women.
  7. Hostility to any anti-ethnic, religious and gender issues.
  8. Attempt at emancipation of female political prisoners who are imprisoned due to their struggle for rights, freedom and democracy.
  9. Recognising 9th January as “ No for Killing Female Politicians” as this day is when 3 Kurdish female activists (Sakîne Cansiz, Fîdan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez) were assassinated in Paris in 2013.
  10. Supporting the peace progress that is going on at the moment between Kurdish leader Abdulla Öcalan and the Turkish Government relating to the Kurdish issue in Turkey and asking for freedom of Öcalan from prison.
  11. Insistence on solution to the problem of nations of Kurds and Palestinians in order to stabilise peace in the region.
  12. Preparing for a campaign against women oppression.
  13. Attempt against damaging the environment, culture and historical places where war and colonialism threatening them.
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