Taha Karimi

On May 29th, a Wednesday night, Taha Karimi, a Kurdish director and actor lost his life in an accident in Silemani, Kurdistan.

In this incident, a taxi driver collided with Taha Karimi’s car and caused the accident, both Taha Karimi and the taxi driver had lost their lives.

Taha Karimi is from the Eastern region of Kurdistan, he is one of the most famous filmmakers; he finished his studies in Cinema at Tehran University. He directed and acted in several films, ​​a number of his films including: White Mountain (Kiwêstanî Sipî), Qandil Mountain (Kiwêstanî Qendîl), Fuel Oil the Cancer of My Town (Nevtî Reş Şêrpencey Şarekem), Thousand and One Nights (Hezar û Yek Şev).

Taha Karimi was born in 1978 in Bane, Eastern Kurdistan and he was living in Silemani of Southern Kurdistan.