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H. Haji

ANF — Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi, the head of Free Life Party of Kurdistan, PJAK, through a message congratulated women’s international day, March 8th, to all the women across the world, especially to the women of Kurdistan.

It is stated in Abdul Rahman Haji Ahmadi, head of PJAK’s message:

“156 years has passed from the rising of the women in New York against cruelty and unjustness, in shade of those revolutionary women, who were violently suppressed by the police. That was the first movement by women against cruelty and oppression caused by the several-thousand-year patriarchy system of anti-humanism and immorality. The revolutionary women continued their struggles and activities. After 50 years they returned to the scene to claim their right to vote. In 1921, in the third international communism conference in Moscow, the 8th of March was officially announced as women’s international day. March 8th means “activity and struggle against unjustness, the cruel authority, and inferiority caused by the patriarchal system”.

The Kurdish women are oppressed from two sides: on one side, they are deprived from any national right, just like one part of the Kurdish nation, and they have to play their role in getting their freedom from the invaders, along with their brothers; and on the other side, they have to struggle against the patriarchal system shadowed over the Kurdish society.

Standing bravely and victoriously, the Kurdish women are rising in these two arenas. It is a matter of much pride to see the Kurdish woman rising and shining in all the political, social, and cultural scenes and actively seeking freedom over the nations of the world.”

The head of PJAK adds to his message:

“In the same way that the human culture springs from Mesopotamia, women’s struggle for freedom has begun, as a struggle between the two genders, in Kurdistan. Although over a short period of time, the women of Kurdistan have taken considerably big steps in political and social scenes to gain national freedom.

In the anti-humanistic patriarchal system, it is impossible to achieve the freedom of the human society without freedom of women. This, is Apo (Abdullah Ocalan)’s philosophy and paradigm that asserts: “a nation would never be free, unless its women are free. The process of terminating the patriarchal system and freedom of women, without any sexual discrimination in Kurdistan, has born and developed in the mountains of Zagros and Qendil, and in the future it will be transformed to all over the Middle East and the world.”

The day of March the 8th represents a symbol of women’s freedom, with absolutely no discrimination between woman and man, and thus creating a truly free society.


Firat News Agency

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