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ANF — “The Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union, YJRK” published a statement for March 8, International Women’s Day, congratulated this day as a celebration of freedom for women, and stated: “Today, with the sunrise of people’s freedom in the Middle East, particularly, in the Arab countries, we are witnessing women’s forefront role. However the sun for their freedom is falling rather than rise. The efforts are once more being made to marginalize women.”

In their statement on February 21st, 2013, the union of the women of eastern Kurdistan recognized March 8, International Women’s Day, an illuminating example of women’s struggle for freedom.

The Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union added: “We congratulate the celebration of March 8th’s struggle for freedom firstly, to our leader, Apo (Abdullah Ocalan), the founder of the ideology of women’s freedom-seeking, and also to all the women struggling and sacrificing their lives for freedom. Equally, on this day, we express our best wishes to all Kurdish women all over the Kurdistan, particularly to mothers of peace and all the women struggling for a society of freedom and equality.

“With a glance to the history of humanity, and particularly that of women, we would observe that, in spite of all historical changes and enforcing slavery on society and women, the women’s struggles for freedom have never ended. The demand for freedom and a meaningful life has continuously been increasing. Such struggles over the world and in countries like France, Germany, the USA, the Middle East, and in Kurdistan are undeniable. March the 8th is marked as a memory of endeavors and sacrifices made by women who have consistently followed their purpose in these struggles, to day.”

The attack on the ideology of women’s freedom-seeking

YRJK (Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union) asserts in its statement: “Today, with the sunrise of people’s freedom in the Middle East, particularly, in the Arab countries, we are witnessing women’s forefront role. However the sun for their freedom is falling rather than rise. The efforts are once more being made to marginalize women. This is particularly obvious in the massacre of Kurdish people in Kurdistan, and the massacre of three Kurdish women, Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan, and Leyla Soylemez in Paris. The purpose followed in such treasons is to continue the international conspiracy and frustrating the effort for finding a solution to the Kurdish question. By attacking the ideology of women’s freedom-seeking, which, of course, is founding a valuable life and a new society, they are after imposing their own cheap ideas.”

Women-opposing rules in Iran

The Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union adds by pointing out the present situation of women in Iran and eastern Kurdistan, “any form of thoughts for freedom and, particularly, the ideology of women’s freedom-seeking are opposed and confronted by either execution, imprisoning, and arresting; manipulative politics are employed, instead. Women-opposing rules in Iran overshadows the history and life of Iranian women. However, it is obvious that the Kurdish women have not only been impervious in their struggles against the minority ruling men, who are forcing women to suicide and self-immolation, but have also strengthened and advanced their organizations and freedom-seeking struggles. A wave of freedom-seeking struggles initiated with the leadership of leader Apo (Abdullah Ocalan), and the freedom-seeking ideology in the north of Kurdistan has been spread all over Kurdistan, and even over the Middle East and has consequently raised the level of determination and self-confidence all over Kurdistan. The illuminating example of these sacrifices and braveries is the elevated struggle levels of women’s army over all Kurdistan; they are all completely prepared to withstand any kind of political, military, cultural, or public attack. Today, the voice of mothers, seeking freedom and struggling for it, is well-heard by people of the world. There are thousands of women who sacrificed themselves in their endeavor to keep the tree of independence and determination of their society, tall and alive; the martyred Zilan, Beritan, Viyan Soran, Leyla Qasim, Mina Qazi, Shirin Alam Hooli, among others. The highlight of these struggling women are the martyred “Sakine Cansiz and her friends”. Along with these women, dozens and hundreds of struggling stateswomen, like Zeinab Jalalian, are fighting and holding out against the invaders in order to achieve the true life of freedom.”

Women’s struggle in west of Kurdistan

YJRK additionally asserts: “also, in the Rojava (west of Kurdistan), the freedom-seeking women play a key role in participating in leading the Kurdish people to a level of independency of reconstructing a new society. To this reason, supporting Rojava (west Kurdistan) women’s endeavors and braveries is same as keeping the values of Kurdish people. Since these values are in line with the values of Rojava (west Kurdistan) women, we must strongly support them. This, furthermore, proves the fact that for women, particularly for Kurdish women, every single day is March, the 8th and a day to struggle. Therefore, we will not settle until we achieve our goals.”

The struggle for freedom of the creator of ideology of women’s freedom-seeking

YJRK emphasizes, at the end, that: “as “The Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union, YJRK” we are calling all Kurdish women, particularly the women of eastern Kurdistan, that if we are aimed at dignity, determination and free thinking, if we are to stop other women’s self-immolation, their massacre for sake of habits and following patriarchy, and more importantly, if you do not wish to witness new conspiracies and treasons against our ideology and thoughts resulting in our losing the “Sakine’s, Shirin Alam Hooli’s, and Leyla Leyla Qasim’s”, then we are to relentlessly struggle just like we struggle for our water and bread. Not only on March 8, but also in every single day we must continue our freedom-seeking struggles and fight against violence, gender discrimination, and patriarchy so that we could respect the dignity of the suffering hard-working women, who gave their lives on the way to freedom, like Sakine Cansiz and her friends, Leyla Qasim, Shirin Alam Hooli, etc.”

YJRK (Eastern Kurdistan Women’s Union) ends its statement by asserting: “more importantly, our struggle is directed to the freedom of leader Apo (Abdullah Ocalan), who has devotedly sacrificed his life to the freedom of Kurdish people, and particularly of Kurdish women. Now it has been 14 years since he has been strongly standing while confined solitarily in the island of Imrali; hoping for a free life in a free homeland. It is our, Kurdish women’s, historical, moral and humanistic responsibility to fight on the way of our leader Apo’s freedom. The freedom of leader Apo (Abdullah Ocalan), is the freedom of Kurdish people, and of the women.”

Firat News Agency

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