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Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council member Mustafa Karasu spoke to Nuçe Tv on Sunday evening about the execution of Sakine Cansız, a co-founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Fidan Doğan, representative of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) in Paris and Leyla Şaylemez, member of the Kurdish youth movement.

Karasu evaluated Paris killings as an attack against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) aimed at the elimination of the Kurdish freedom movement. “This is not an ordinary but a significant political incident as it targeted Sara, a leading member of the Kurdish Women’s Movement who was of great importance for our comrades and our people”, said Karasu and noted that the Kurdish people expected the French state to shed light on the killings.

“We see the attack on Sara as a part of an international conspiracy targeting the leading staff of the PKK, just like the International Conspiracy which was organized against the Kurdish leader. Dirty relations not only pose an obstacle to the enlightenment of this mass killing but also pave the way for similar incidents. In this respect, we call on the French authorities to explain what they know and to disclose the real perpetrators standing behind this mass killing”, he said.

Karasu continued saying that; “It is obvious that this organized execution has ties with the Turkish state. When this is the case, it means the Turkish state or the government still doesn’t have a project on the Kurdish question which cannot come up with a solution unless the perpetrators of these killings are disclosed and convicted. Because the powers which planned this attack intend to break the will of the Kurdish people and to eliminate the Kurdish Freedom Movement”.

Karasu underlined that the first step on the way to a solution should be to change the old mentality and policy of the state and to eliminate the circles that organize and perpetrate such conspiracies and murders.

Karasu noted that they think the Turkish state is involved in the killings because of the government’s planning aimed at the elimination of the leading staff of the PKK.

It is open to question -added Karasu- why the French state has yet made no statements concerning the suspect who was arrested in connection with the killings. The European side connived at this mass killing, which means that the French state and its friends want the elimination of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. On the other hand, the French state is carrying out political operations every day and arresting our comrades, including Adem Uzun who acted as a negotiator in the process of Oslo talks. Again, dozens of Kurds were arrested after Paris killings. There is an obvious cooperation between Turkey and France which prevents the French state to explain the powers behind the killings and to reveal Turkish state’s role in the incident. It is understood that these powers are now intending to eliminate the PKK and its leading staff on the basis of the cooperation they made in the international conspiracy against the Kurdish leader basing on mutual interest”.

Firat News Agency