NEWSDESK, — The Units of Defence Forces (YPG) tackled the threat posed by the groups sponsored by Turkey in Serikani who killed Abid Xalid, the head of the city’s People Assembly.

After the killing of dozens of those groups YPG has enhanced its presence in the region and promoted its forces from brigade to battalion entitling it as Abid Xalid’s.

The commander of Erdal Martyr Brigade of YPG, Dijwar told Firat News Agency that; “the resistance of Erdal Martyr Brigade in Serikani did not allow the bandits, who are sponsored by Turkey to thwart attempts made by the Kurds to achieve their rights, to implement their dirty plots.”

Pointing to the expulsion of Turkey sponsored groups from Serkikani, Dijwar said; “Our resistance have had a great impact on the Kurdish people. With this triumphant, our brigade showed that it has influenced the Kurdish youth to a great extent. And in turn, it opens the way for the further participation of youth in our ranks.”

Dijwar said that the Brigade of Martyr Erdal has evaluated the current state and decided to establish the Battalion of Martyr Abid. “From now on,” he said, “We will promote our resistance through Martyr Abid Battalion also. This is in solidarity for the martyrs of Serikani. We pledge to keep Serkani liberated and clear it off the bandit groups.”

Reinstating their pledges with the Kurdish people Diwjar said; “We do not accept an inch of our father land to be occupied.  We pledge to scarify whatever we have for the freedom of our country and our national values.”