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NEWSDESK, — Al Arabiya news outlet published a security document belonging to Syrian regime establishing that one of the Kurdish leaders in West Kurdistan, Michel Temo, was assassinated on the order of Syrian authorities.

One of the documents clearly illustrates that Michel Temo was assassinated on direct order of Syrian president Beshar Assad passed to the air forces for execution.

A senior affiliate in the air forces was commanded by the chief of staff Saqar Manun to travel to Hasaka city and assassinate Michel Temo, the document notes.

Another document also establishes that the assassination order came from Bashar Assad to Saqar Manun. The intention behind this assassination was to put pressure on the Turkish government, the document remarks.

Michel Temo was also an oppositional figure to the Turkish state. With his assassination, the Syrian regime sought to render the Kurds the victims of the anti-Turkish and the West.

After the assassination of Temo, the Turkish media along with some of the international “independent” newspapers straightway put the blame on the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and PYD (Democratic Union Party) aiming to defame them from the international communities.

In one of his letter, Saqar Manun outlines that the order of assassination was passed on September 2011 from the Syrian president Bashar Assad to the intelligence section of air forces for execution.