urmiye_lakeURMIYE, East of Kurdistan, — Steady evaporation of the Urmiye Lake threatens both Kurdistan and Azerbaijan, this is due to the fact that the Lake‘s water contains salt.

Mukrian News Agency reported that recently salt storms have started. Although they are operating in a small geographical area, it will cover larger areas and hundreds of kilometres far away from the lake will be at risk.

If this matter would not be resolved now, the lake will be dried out and no solutions will prevent its damages to the nature and health of people.

Kurdistan and Azerbaijan are the most affected areas as the lake is located in between them.

With its 5,000 square kilometre, Urmiye Lake is located in the east side of Kurdistan. During the last few years its water has been evaporated to a large extent. This issue has been notified continuously by the environmental experts and also people in the area have constantly protested against the carelessness of the Iranian regime regarding this matter.