PCDKKIRKUK, South Kurdistan, — Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party (PCDK) declared in a statement that Turkish government and AKP have decided to massacre Kurdish people and for the last few years they have been working hard to achieve this decision violating all kinds of moral and ethic principles using chemical and prohibited weapons.

The leading council of PCDK has announced within the statement that although massacres of the Kurdish people is pursued every minute on a daily basis, the international communities, institutions and so-called democratic states have been silent in the face of it.

PCDK strongly condemned such an inhuman conduct of the Turkish and AKP government and called upon every humanist individual and patriotic to raise their objection to such a massacre.

“By adaptation of national and democratic position we should uncover these conspiracies and massacre and with the resonance of our national demanding, reawaken the passive and asleep consciousness, because these offensives are against the whole Kurdish nation,” PCDK stated.

At the end of the statement PCDK calls upon all the institutions and circles particularly the Peshmerge Forces of Kurdistan Regional Government to accomplish their national duty and spread their hands to the Kurds in North Kurdistan.